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The 2024 New Tesla Model 3 Changes Are Here!

The 2024 New Tesla Model 3 Changes Are Here!

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Recently, Yeslak learned that the new Tesla Model 3 was launched in China and EU. This facelift is the first facelift of the Model 3 since it was released in 2016. The new car has undergone fine-tuning in terms of appearance, interior, and configuration. Tesla China's official website is also pre-sold simultaneously, offering two models, priced at 259,900 RMB (≈$356,48.00) and 295,900 RMB (≈$40586.50), respectively, and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter. Compared with the old model, the starting price has increased by 28,000 RMB (≈ $3840.00)

According to the latest offline information, the old Model 3 can no longer be reserved at present, and the cars will be delivered in the fourth quarter according to the order of orders. That is, the announced price of the new model, the deposit of 1,000 RMB paid at the time of booking remains unchanged, but the final payment required at the time of delivery is higher than that of the current model. If the order is replaced, the delivery time is expected to be in the fourth quarter.

In terms of appearance, compared with the current model, the overall outline and design style of the new Model 3 have almost no major adjustments. Specifically, there are only some adjustments in details. The brand-new matrix LED headlight design adds a sharp line to the details of the front bumper. The front surround shape borrows design elements from the Tesla Roadster and cancels the fog lights, which looks more aggressive.

When it comes to the side of the body, the new Model 3 basically remains unchanged. It still uses hidden door handles. The actual model is equipped with 19-inch rims and tires of 235/40 R19.

The drag coefficient of the new Model 3 has been reduced to 0.22. The body size has been slightly adjusted, the length of the car has been changed to 4720mm, and the height has been changed to 1441mm, which is only a few millimeters away from the current model. The new car also adds Ultra Red & Stealth Gray.

The rear of the car body has not changed much as a whole. The only change is that the taillight style has been adjusted, and the rear LOGO has been adjusted to "TESLA"

The new Model 3 adopts a new style of central control screen, seats with ventilation function, RGB ambient light, and upgraded audio system (Dolby Atmos).

An 8-inch screen is added in the rear row, and passengers can perform operations such as seat heating, air volume adjustment, and music or video playback.

In terms of power, the rear-drive version has a peak power of 194kW and a peak torque of 340N m; the four-wheel drive version has a peak power of 331kW and a peak torque of 559N m. In terms of endurance, the official said that the maximum endurance of the long-endurance all-wheel drive version CLTC is expected to be 713km. The battery capacity of the new Model 3 rear-drive version has been increased from 60kWh to 66kWh, and the CLTC cruising range will be increased to 610 kilometers. The battery capacity of the high-performance version has been adjusted from the current 78.4kWh to 72kWh. In addition, the new Model 3 may be equipped with heat pump air conditioners and other configurations. The above is analyzed by "Yeslak" combined with official information. The specific data will be updated by the official, and the specific information is subject to the official release.

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