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Yes, Lucky To Your Tesla Journey

Yeslak, the Tesla community's leading accessory store specializes in Tesla aftermarket accessories with the highest industry standards for quality, support and product innovation.

The birth of Yeslak originated from the founder's Journey of Tesla Modding.



Founded by avid Tesla owners Robbie, Paggie, and visionary investor Alex Liang, Yeslak is born from a deep admiration for the Tesla lifestyle. With six years of immersive Tesla driving, we've felt the pulse of the community and identified areas where enhancement is not just desirable, but essential.

Driven by our passion for Tesla and a commitment to quality, we craft practical, high-quality products tailored to elevate the driving experience. From all-weather floor mats to interior protectors, phone mounts to roof sunshades, and even innovative storage solutions, we're dedicated to enriching every moment behind the wheel.

Fuelled by our own experiences and a desire to fill a void in the market, Yeslak stands alone in offering a comprehensive range of Tesla accessories. We're not just a brand; we're a movement, empowering Tesla owners with convenience, style, and the joy of driving.---Yes, lucky to your Tesla Journey!

About Yeslak - Frustration Meets Inspiration


You know, running Yeslak, our Tesla accessories brand, can be seriously frustrating sometimes. There are days when it feels like nothing goes right –Whether it's supply chain issues, competitors copying our designs, and trying to keep up with Tesla's constant updates. It's like every step forward comes with two steps back. Sometimes, it feels like I'm just spinning my wheels.

But then, something incredible happens. I get an email from a customer who's absolutely thrilled with their new Yeslak accessory, or I see a post on social media where someone has customized their Tesla with our products and they’re super excited about it. That’s when it all clicks for me.

I remember why I started Yeslak in the first place. It's not just about making a buck; it's about being part of this amazing Tesla community. It's about helping people make their cars uniquely theirs. That kind of feedback, that kind of enthusiasm from our customers, is like pure inspiration. It reminds me that all the stress and late nights are totally worth it.

So yeah, there are frustrating days, but the inspiration I get from our customers keeps me going. It pushes me to keep innovating and making Yeslak products the best they can be, no matter how tough the road gets.

About Yeslak - Frustration Meets Inspiration
About Yeslak - The Birth Of Yeskak Brand


The birth of the Yeslak brand started in 2020. We bought our first car, a Model 3, driven by a passion for quality Tesla accessories. As we saw our dream take shape, we added a Model Y, and later a Model X, each purchase fueling our commitment to innovation. Every design, every product was tested and perfected on these cars. It wasn’t just about business; it was about a deep love for Tesla and creating something special. Seeing our customers' joy makes every challenge worth it, inspiring us to keep Yeslak evolving every single day.

About Yeslak - The Birth Of Yeskak Brand


The explosive growth of Yeslak in the Tesla aftermarket accessories sector is nothing short of extraordinary. In just a few short years, Yeslak has become synonymous with innovation and quality enhancements for Tesla vehicles. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence, Yeslak has swiftly risen to prominence, offering a wide range of accessories tailored specifically for Tesla owners. From sleek exterior upgrades to cutting-edge interior enhancements, Yeslak has captured the attention of Tesla enthusiasts worldwide.

By consistently delivering premium products and exceptional customer service, Yeslak has earned a reputation as a go-to brand in the aftermarket Tesla community. Its rapid ascent is a testament to the growing demand for high-quality aftermarket solutions in the electric vehicle market. Yeslak's success story serves as inspiration for other players in the industry, showcasing the potential for rapid development and expansion in this dynamic sector.

Innovation & Community


Yeslak's vision is to improve Tesla cars' lifestyle and driving experience. By focusing on personalization, innovation, sustainability, community building, seamless customer experience, and collaboration, Yeslak aim to create a unique "Tesla lifestyle" that goes beyond the ownership of a Tesla vehicle. This lifestyle represents a commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge technology, personal expression, and a supportive community that shares the values and vision of Tesla.

Yeslak aims to provide a wide range of high-quality Tesla accessories that allow for affordable customization and upgrades. Our products offer great value, enabling Tesla owners to enhance their vehicles without breaking the bank. We prioritize quality, professionalism, reliability, convenience, and practicality in every accessory we offer.

About Yeslak - Our Emotional Value

We strive to strengthen the bond between Tesla owners and their vehicles. By offering personalized accessories, we help reflect each owner's unique style and preferences. Our products are designed to instill a sense of pride, satisfaction, and enjoyment, knowing that their Tesla is tailored to their specific needs and desires. Yeslak accessories make every Tesla feel truly unique and personal to its owner.

Yeslak focuses on Tesla owners' accessories requirements and takes those needs into consideration for product research and development, as well as the modifications and upgrade solutions. We are committed to providing good quality products at an affordable price and good service to our customers, thinking about what the best accessories for Tesla vehicles are to improve the driving experience and the Tesla car's life.

- Create A Unique Tesla Lifestyle

Whether it is when you just picked up the car and purchased the must-have accessories kit; or when you turn on Tesla "camp mode" outdoors with your family; or when you are pursuing a different driving experience and upgrading your car; Yeslak provides you with continuous inspiration and related products to realize what you want!

- JoinHands with Tesla Owners to Realize The Dream of "Creating a BetterLife"

Attentively listen to users'voices and keep innovating; Provide better quality products to Tesla owners all over the world! Focusing on creating the ultimate, to be the most professional supplier of Tesla accessories in the world. Enhancing value with quality, to be the most trusted Tesla accessory platform in the world

Create A Beautiful Green Environment

We understand the importance of sustainability and are fully committed to promoting a green environment. We prioritize the health and safety of our customers, which is why our accessories undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are free from any harmful substances. By choosing our products, you join us in accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

Collaboration With Tesla Enthusiasts

Yeslak collaborate with Tesla enthusiasts, influencers, and organizations to co-create products, share insights, and engage in joint marketing efforts. By involving the community in product development and decision-making processes, Yeslak can ensure that its offerings truly reflect the desires and aspirations of Tesla owners.