Performance Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y 20'' Induction Wheels


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Color: Gun Grey
Style: Turbine center
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The hubcap wheel covers are custom designed for Tesla Model Y 20-inch wheels. They can cover your wheel rim fully and are aerodynamically designed to increase battery range for more miles, protect your wheel rim from being rubbed on the curb, and are easy to install by simply popping them on in seconds.

With different colors to decorate your model Y 20'' induction wheels, it is a great option to protect your rims from curb rash and give them an appearance refresh.


  • 4 x Performance Hubcap Wheel covers
  • 4x  Foam Protective Pads
Model Y 20 inch Performance Wheel Covers Install Guide

Note: Compatible with Model Y 20'' induction wheels. The wheel cover comes without logos. The design of the cover center is flat, and you can buy a 2.22'' (56mm) decal or logo sticker to adhere to our product.

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1. What are the benefits of using these wheel covers?
These wheel covers are aerodynamically designed to increase battery range, protect the wheel rims from curb rash, and offer an appearance refresh for the Tesla Model Y 20-inch wheels.
2. Are these wheel covers compatible with all Tesla Model Y wheels?
No, they are specifically designed for Tesla Model Y 20-inch induction wheels.
3. How easy is the installation process?
With the snap-on design, you can easily install the Model Y 20 inch wheel covers in minutes without any tools or complicated procedures. Simply snap them onto your wheels, and you're good to go. Positioning to it from the cover valve position. Clip design to snap into the wheel with the mute cotton. Point to the value, sanp it in for each clip and then there you go.
4. Do the wheel covers come with a logo?
No, the wheel covers come without logos, but you can purchase a 2.22'' (56mm) decal or logo sticker to adhere to the product.
5. What is included in the purchase?
The package includes four performance hubcap wheel covers and four foam protective pads.
6. What is the return policy for these wheel covers?
Yeslak offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return the product for a replacement or a refund if it is defective.
Color: Gun Grey
Style: Turbine center
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Sport Stylish 20 inch Wheel Covers For Tesla Model Y

Adopt aerodynamic "Whirlwind" design, make your car look cooler. Pretty affordable visual upgrade, black/gun grey finish, coverage for alloy wheel rim. Compatible with 2019 to 2024 Tesla Model Y 20" OEM wheels. Perfect replacement for the factory 20 inch Induction Wheels covers. Complete 4-pack of wheel covers to fit all your wheels perfectly.

Performance Look

Yeslak 20 inch Model Y hubcaps serve a practical purpose by reducing wind resistance, optimizing aerodynamic performance, and safeguarding your wheels from deformation. Their streamlined design not only enhances your driving experience but also contributes to the overall efficiency of your Model Y.

Premium Durable Material

Made of ABS + PC material, which is resistible, flexible and lightweight. Yeslak's Model Y 20 inch performance wheel covers is built to last and withstand tough weather conditions, ensuring your wheels stay protected year-round.

Easy Installation: With the snap-on design

With the snap-on design, you can easily install the Model Y 20 inch wheel covers in minutes without any tools or complicated procedures. Simply snap them onto your wheels, and you're good to go. It won't fall off or affect your driving experience. Safety is always our top priority.

Original Wheel without Rim Cover

  • Easily scratched and damaged in a crash,
  • Difficult to repair or costly to replace.
  • Larger hollow design leads to greater wind resistance

Yeslak 20 inch Model Y Wheel Covers

  • Looks larger than OEM 20-inch rims, the unique floating mounting can fully cover and protect the rim’s edge.
  • Fully hide the curb rash and no need for costly replacement of the rims.
  • Streamline design can reduce wind resistance to some extent.

Yeslak Hubcap Efficiency Tests

Benefit to the aerodynamic low windage design, this 20 inch hub caps can effectively reduce your Model Y's energy consumption compared to driving with no wheel cap.

Lifetime Warranty

Yeslak's products are severely selected and tested with strict quality control. And be free from any defects in manufacturing. Premium material and workmanship make for a lifetime warranty.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear and tear as a result of normal wear and aging, including but not limited to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline or bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, artificial damage, modifications, incorrect installation or use, etc.

We will stand behind our products, and depending on the situation, we may send a replacement to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Ottimo prodotto. Sono rimasto sorpreso in quanto ero scettico rispetto a una "cover" per i cerchi in lega. un'idea tanto semplice quanto intelligente per salvaguardarli dagli insidiosi marciapiedi! Nella foto, prima e dopo l'installazione! Per maggiori info ho fatto anche un video test sul canale YouTube GiulioAutopilot.


Customer service is phenomenal. Item arrived and everything is well packaged. Everything you need will be shipped and also extra goodies. The gun gray looks like the original uberturbines with one less spoke. Hubcaps are high quality. Don’t hesitate if you want to protect your induction wheels and make it look like the uberturbines.


These have exceeded my expectations tremendously - slightly more aggressive than the inductions! They give a more personal touch to the car, while knowing that your inductions are curb safe..


Fast shipping, receive them in 3 days, and great on 20inch induction wheels.

Jacob Shim

I’m very impressed with these high quality covers. They give me the look I wanted at a very reasonable price. I was going to put 255/40/20 tires on a set of 20”x8�?model 3 uberturbines but decided to go this route instead. These covers are on snug so I don’t worry about them falling off. They look amazing which is the most important thing and they protect my induction wheels and they are easier to remove than the induction lug nut cover when it comes time to rotate my tires. I’m very glad these covers exist and once you apply the foam pads AND foam strip there is 0 play in the covers. I would highly recommend.

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad you like them, it looks great on blue Y.


Very easy to snap on and covered the whole wheel.

Walter Garcia

These fit amazing over the induction wheels. Gives the MY a new look. Well worth the wait and highly recommend. The seller is just as amazing with great communication and follow through.

Thank you very much for the review. We are glad that you like our products.

Walter Garcia

These fit amazing over the induction wheels and gives the MY a new look. Well worth the wait. Highly recommend.


It's really amazing and so clean. It fits well over my induction wheels.

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