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How To Upgrade Your Tesla Wheels with Aftermarket Hubcaps

How To Upgrade Your Tesla Wheels with Aftermarket Hubcaps

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Upgrading leads to a more substantial difference that adds Uberturbine-style wheel covers / hubcaps for Model 3 18" Aero Wheels and Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels with a unique design that looks more sleek.
Model 3 18’’ Wheel cover                Model Y 19’’ Wheel cover               Model Y 20’’ Wheel cover 

As you know, the Tesla default OEM 18" Aero wheels and the Model Y 19" Gemini wheels may not look good aesthetically. and upgrading to Tesla's large size wheels is extremely costly; there are also many aftermarket options available, but they are also expensive;  And larger wheel sizes can also be more prone to punctures and flats. It carries a range reduction of 30 miles to 375 miles.

The main issue is that when you park, the rims easily get curb rash, and your tyres are most likely damaged sometimes. Fixing the rims and replacing the tyres is a more substantial cost increase.
So have an appealing turbine design wheel cover that we think can look dramatically better than the Model 3 18" Areo Wheels and the Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels. These will also handle better in more performance-oriented scenarios and may be unnecessary for the real Uberturbine wheels or larger wheels.

Tesla uberturbine wheels

Real Uberturbine from the right, Uberturbine-style wheel cover from the left

Aside from the premium design of the Uberturbine-style wheel covers, another benefit of upgraded wheels is that the hubcaps are extended to cover the entire rims, preventing curb rash and tyre damage. And based on the turbine design and individual driving habits illustrate that the range may be increased.



And since a set of these hubcaps costs just less than 1/20 of the wheels, buyers can easily change to different style hubcaps in the aftermarket, thereby saving as much as $5,000. Refresh your Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover or Model Y Gemini Wheel Cover.
So how would you upgrade your wheels with these hubcaps? 
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