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Retractable Sunroof : Comfort, and Protection for Teslas [Discount].

Retractable Sunroof : Comfort, and Protection for Teslas [Discount].

YESLAK - Premium Tesla Accessories

Discover an innovative accessory that will transform the driving experience in your Tesla Model Y and Model 3. Introducing the Yeslak Retractable Sunroof. This is just one of the many accessories available on the Yeslak website that we've talked about and will tell you about. A smart solution designed to improve comfort and protection inside your car

The Yeslak retractable Sunroof, available for both Model Y and Model 3, is more than just a sun shade. It is a tailor-made solution for Tesla owners who want a superior driving experience. Imagine being able to ride cool and out of direct sunlight, avoiding overheating while enjoying the panoramic roof of your vehicle.

Sun and Style With the Yeslak Retractable Sunroof

One of the main features that make this sunshade so outstanding is its ability to provide complete sun protection. It eliminates the inconvenience of direct sunlight, making your travels more comfortable. With the Sunroof Yeslak, you can say goodbye to the discomfort caused by heat and glaring sunlight, ensuring that every trip is an enjoyable experience.

Versatility is another strong point of this accessory. In fact, the shade can be adjusted to your liking and thus have more or less light inside the passenger compartment itself.

In addition to sun protection and versatility, the Yeslak retractable Sunroof offers many other benefits. One of these is the protection of your vehicle's interior. Harmful UV rays can cause fading and damage your car's interior over time. With the Yeslak Sunroof, you get extra protection to protect your seats and interior surfaces, keeping them in top condition for a longer time.

Besides, we all know when our Teslas stay in the sun for a long time how much heat they accumulate. With the Sunroof, we assure you that the cabin will stay cooler on the hottest days.

Ease of Use and Installation

The installation of the Sunroof Yeslak is extremely simple, and you can do it yourself without any complications; it really takes only a few minutes, and no special tools are needed.

The shade attaches securely and without making any modifications to anything Teslas have as standard. Simply snap the plastic flaps into the car's pillars. Below, we leave you with a video just under 3 minutes long, which simply explains how to mount the sunroof on a Model Y. For the Model 3 the procedure is similar, and of course, with the roof split, the operation will have to be done twice.


In conclusion, the Yeslak Sunroof is a must-have accessory for all Tesla Model Y and Model 3 owners, especially if you live in hot places, but also to preserve the interior in the summer. You can find it priced at $380 for the Model Y and $460 for the Model 3 on the Yeslak website.

Remember, also, that thanks to our collaboration, with the discount code TESLALOVERS, to be entered in the appropriate box during checkout, you can have a 20% price reduction for these two products and for the entire available catalog. In addition, shipping is free worldwide for orders over $59.

What do you think? It is a great solution to lower the temperature in the cabin of our Teslas in the warmer months. We tried it and were satisfied. And will you purchase it? If the answer is yes, let us know your opinions as always here in the comments or connect to our Community on Telegram where more than 1000 users among owners and fans of the US brand are waiting for you.

Finally, we would like to remind you that our referral code is always active to get a 250 Euro discount by ordering a Tesla through this link, also among the "Ready for Delivery".

The above review is from Teslalovers.

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