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Tesla Opens First V4 Supercharging Site in Sparks, Nevada

Tesla Opens First V4 Supercharging Site in Sparks, Nevada

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A major milestone for Tesla has been announced: the company's first V4 Supercharging location will open in Sparks, Nevada. Although there have been V4 sites built all throughout the country, this seems to be the first V4 Supercharging station that is open to the public. V4 Superchargers have already been introduced in Europe, and since March, a number of nations have benefited from the improved technology.

Tesla’s V4 Superchargers are expected to incorporate new power electronics that not only boost power but also voltage, essential for supporting high-voltage battery systems. They are also expected to be optimized for Tesla's next-gen vehicles like the Cybertruck.

In addition to the exciting news about the V4 Supercharging site in Nevada, the Tesla Supercharging network in the United States has exceeded 2,000 stations. Data from reveals that there are over 22,280 individual stalls across these stations, averaging approximately 11 stalls per station. Interestingly, the Asia-Pacific region boasts more Supercharging stations than North America, with over 2,350 stations compared to North America’s 2,230. Europe trails behind with over 1,080 stations.

The growth of Tesla's Supercharging network and the launch of V4 Superchargers demonstrate the company's commitment to offering electric vehicle drivers globally convenient and efficient charging solutions. Tesla plans to open more V4 Superchargers in the US and Europe in the coming months, and also expanding its Supercharger network in other regions, such as China and Asia.

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