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Tesla Teases Three Mysterious New Models!

Tesla Teases Three Mysterious New Models!

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On June 13, at Tesla's Annual Shareholders Meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company is developing three new models and teased that these products will be very special. However, he did not disclose any further specific details about these products during the meeting.

Musk stated, "Obviously, we have some new products that we're working on under the covers. I think these are gonna be pretty special. Some of them, I think people maybe at first might think, 'Oh, it's not gonna be that amazing.' But…just wait. It will be."

In a teaser image, the three new cars are heavily covered and parked alongside Tesla's existing models, including the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X, Cybertruck, and Semi.

Two of the covered cars appear nearly identical, featuring sleek sedan silhouettes. The third vehicle, in stark contrast to Tesla's typical design, is a boxy van.

According to previous media reports, Tesla is developing a more affordable model than the Model 3 and Model Y to fill the lower-end price gap in its lineup. The company also plans to launch an autonomous taxi named Cybercab, with a reveal expected in August. Reports indicate that the budget-friendly electric car and the autonomous taxi will be built on the same platform to save costs and maximize profits. Additionally, Tesla is reportedly working on an electric van to further expand its product line.

In Tesla's vision, the Robotaxi will adopt a shared model similar to Uber and Airbnb. Tesla will own part of the autonomous taxi fleet, while customer vehicles can also join the operational queue. This innovative model will not only enhance vehicle utilization but also provide additional income for owners. According to Tesla, vehicles in the Robotaxi fleet can achieve up to 50 to 60 hours of efficient use per week, generating significant economic value for owners. This initiative is expected to attract many owners' active participation, further promoting the widespread adoption and application of autonomous driving technology.


For consumers who have longed for an electric vehicle but were deterred by the price, Tesla's new plan is undoubtedly great news. An entry-level, affordable electric vehicle is about to hit the market, making owning a Tesla no longer an unattainable dream. This model will maintain Tesla's high quality and advanced technology while offering a more accessible price, allowing more people to enjoy the environmental benefits and convenience of electric vehicles.


Of course, Tesla's ambitions go beyond this. A mysterious MPV model is also under development. This vehicle will break the boundaries of traditional MPVs, incorporating more technological elements to become the first choice for families and business professionals. Whether it's the spacious and comfortable interior or the intelligent driving assistance system, it will provide consumers with a new driving experience.

According to the illustration presented by Musk during the Annual Shareholders Meeting, Tesla may be teasing a Robotaxi, an expected budget car likely to be the Model 2, and an MPV/van.

Tesla's new vehicle teasers have garnered widespread attention in the industry. Although Musk did not disclose further details, the market is eagerly anticipating Tesla's upcoming products.


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