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Tesla Started Delivering Model X & S with HW4.0 Installed

Tesla Started Delivering Model X & S with HW4.0 Installed

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Tesla’s FSD HW 4.0 was revealed on Twitter with some photos and details by Green, simply states the facts that HW4.0 would be upgraded 5mp cameras and improved processing power, and all-new HD(high-definition) radar
A poster on TMC shared pictures of his visit to the Tesla delivery center, showcasing hardware version 4.0 and the new upgrade camera on the Model X and Model S. According to his poster, dozens of the Model X and S are waiting for delivery at the Tesla delivery center.
However, some features on the Model X are currently unavailable, as Tesla appears to still be developing and testing software for HW4. 0, these features include almost everything that utilizes the vehicle's cameras, including Autopilot and Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC). Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) is also disabled. 
The Model X and S do not show any details confirming it has HW4.0 in any of the usual places, such as the software tab, in the 'additional vehicle information' dialog, or in Tesla's service screen. However, the poster says that Tesla confirmed that the vehicle is equipped with Tesla's latest FSD hardware, and the poster's photos confirm the presence of the new cameras.
While Tesla continues to work on the software for HW4.0  we’re anticipating the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to follow with HW4.0 equipped at some point this year, but Tesla may add hardware 4.0 to the Cybertruck first, as the new hardware may be constrained due to ramping production. 
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