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Tesla is preparing to resume production at its Shanghai plant.

Tesla is preparing to resume production at its Shanghai plant.

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Reuters said Tesla was reportedly preparing to resume production at its Shanghai plant on Monday(4.18.2022) following a three-week stoppage.
Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment by CNN Business.
China's worst COVID outbreak in two years has prompted authorities to ramp up the country's zero-Covid policy, locking down several major cities and tens of millions of people.
The strict lockdowns in Shanghai have risked delaying shipments at a time when global demand for vehicles is strong.

The stringent COVID curbs have dealt a blow to economic activity. Government statistics showed Monday that consumption slumped in March, while unemployment rose, casting a shadow over the economic outlook.
Shanghai, the epicenter of the current COVID outbreak, has been under lockdown for more than three weeks.
In an attempt to ease disruption, the Shanghai government on Friday published a "white list" of 666 companies that will be allowed to resume production. Nearly 40% are automakers or companies involved in supplying the auto industry. But it's unclear exactly when those companies will be able to resume production.
— CNN's Beijing bureau contributed to this report.
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