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How to make your model 3 look cooler?

How to make your model 3 look cooler?

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As a Tesla die-hard fan, you may own a Model 3 or Model Y, or your order is still waiting for delivery, but I have to say, you’re going to love it. After a few months of driving, whether it is your first car or you have had gasoline car experience, it will totally change your driving habits, and you will quite enjoy the experience of Tesla driving, which is cost-effective compared to a fuel vehicle.

A lot of Model 3 owners would like to modify their car's appearance, make it different from others and stand out. Based on your preferences, you may want to make a little change to your Model 3 and get it right tuned and make it look cool while running on the street and getting eye-catching. Here are some additions you can make to your Model 3 to make it look cool.


#1 Aero wheel cover sets

Changing the wheel rim cover will refresh your Model 3 wheels' looks and will increase their mile range. Recommended!

Tesla Model Y Aero wheel cover

#2 Rear spoiler

It increases the mile ranges and gives it a more sporty appearance; highly recommended! 

Model 3 real carbon fiber spoiler 

Model Y real carbon fiber spoiler

Tesla Model Y Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Rear spoiler for Tesla Model 3

#3 Color change

If you want to change your model 3, a bright eye-catching color will be a refreshing look.

Tesla Model 3 Custom Fabrications

#4 Air Suspension 

It will make your model 3 chassis even lower and reduce the wobble when running over speed bumps.

Tesla Model 3 with Air Suspension

Tesla Model 3 with Air Suspension

#5 Carbon fiber side camera covers

It would be an added bonus for your model's 3 looks.

carbon fiber side camera covers right

#6 Carbon fiber logo change

Redesign your Tesla logo.

Tesla Carbon Fiber logo

#7 Carbon fiber mirror covers

Make your model 3 have a sense of thickness.

Tesla Carbon fiber mirror covers

#8 Wheel rims

German quality will elevate and distinguish your vehicle.

Tesla Wheel rims

#9 Caliper covers

Give your Model 3 brake caliper a different color to reveal your personality and unique charm.

Tesla Model 3 brake caliper


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