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Tesla Camping - All The Details You Need To Know

Tesla Camping - All The Details You Need To Know

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Summer is almost here and Europeans are keen to travel. There are many short vacations coming up, but your Tesla is a very underestimated way to sleep comfortably and well. Tesla has developed its own Tesla Camping Mode for this purpose. So how can you turn your Tesla into a perfect Tesla camping? We will reveal all the details in this article.

This article deals with all functionalities as well as gimmicks and products to turn your Tesla into the perfect excursion/holiday mobile. As a leading Tesla accessories provider, we can offer you the perfect product combinations here.


Why Are The Tesla Model Y And Tesla Model 3 Good For Camping At All?

Charging Options

A big advantage of the Tesla is the ability to connect the vehicle to the electricity at a campsite just like a mobile home. This advantage enables perfect temperature control of the Tesla in summer and winter.

Note: Most campsites have CEE16 (blue) plugs, Tesla has an adapter for this. Alternatively, there are mobile charging solutions or the use of a Schuko charging variant.


The Tesla Model Y in particular is the perfect vehicle for camping holidays. Climbing in through the trunk is very easy with this variant. Another advantage of Tesla vehicles is the very nice glass roof. This enables a beautiful view and creates a romantic atmosphere, so you will certainly convince your partner of a little road trip :-).

Function Screen

Compared to other car manufacturers, Tesla has installed a very practical and large screen in the vehicle. With an Internet connection, this allows you to watch films, listen to music and, of course, operate all basic functionalities, such as temperature control, even on your camping holiday. To protect the display and anti-fingerprint, we recommend our Tempered Glass screen protector.


Tesla's Camping Mode

Every Tesla customer has software version 2019 or later. 40 50, the camping mode. This regulates the various functions such. B the temperature, the ventilation in the interior, interior lighting and supplies all USB-C ports and the 12V socket with power.

The Tesla Camping mode gives you the opportunity to spend the night in the car without any problems. However, it should be noted that the "lock" functionality does not lock automatically, this must be controlled independently via the app or the display.

You will find the button for the camping mode on the right side in the climate setting, shown as a tent under point 9. Here you can also adjust the airflow for the night so that it doesn't get too stuffy. All Tesla cars have the same menu. Changes to this display only happen through software updates that are released to customers over time.

Camping Mode Consumption

Consumption during camping mode varies depending on the season and weather. In summer it can be approx. be 5-10 kWh for one night. In winter, on the other hand, consumption is often twice as high at approx. 14-20kWh.

The consumption mentioned when camping is just an example and also depends on whether films are still being watched in the car, how much the air conditioning/heating is used and whether smartphones are being charged. This and other environmental factors such as outside temperature/solar radiation and the use of sun protection methods have a major impact on consumption.

 Campsite Charging Options

The trend of taking a Tesla car on a camping holiday is still relatively new. We therefore recommend that you contact the selected places directly.

It should be noted here that some campsites do not have the necessary electrical infrastructure. In any case, it is advisable to use a Tesla Mobile Connector with CEE adapter (limit charging speed to 7-9 amps) or to use a Juice Booster.

The direct contact with the operator makes it possible to prevent nasty surprises, since the infrastructure can differ drastically from location to location. However, this is generally very good in Western Europe and we have never encountered any problems on our travels here.


Tesla Camping Accessories

Privacy Shield

Of course, anyone who stays overnight in a Tesla also wants to have their privacy, this is made possible by our Privacy Shield, which is suitable for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It comes in a total of 8 parts and covers everything inside the vehicle. However, every Tesla car faces the same challenge with the windows. There is no frame here. We recommend attaching it from the inside and then getting out of the trunk. This is the best solution to ensure a perfect sleep without the influence of light.

Due to the ever higher temperatures in summer, the Privacy Shield is also perfect for camping during the day. In addition to privacy, the Privacy Shield has another very big advantage: the heat is blocked and reflected to the outside.


Anyone who has ever sat in a Tesla in summer will quickly notice that the glass roof and the interior are very sensitive to heat. We have sun protection for the offer sun protection for Model Y (see picture) and the Model 3 , which also includes additional insulation. This insulation further reduces heat significantly. Sun protection is one of Tesla’s must-have items., which also includes additional thermal insulation. This insulation further reduces heating considerably. The sun protection is one of the essentials in the Tesla.


Sun protection is an absolute must, not only for camping holidays. If regular charging is not possible, this can also reduce energy consumption, since permanent use of the air conditioning system is not necessary. This can also increase the range a little over long distances.

Load Sill Protection - Protective Films

Especially on camping holidays, the loading sill is subject to a lot of stress due to the transport of many objects. Therefore we recommend a loading sill protection for the inner loading sill, which Tesla only protects with ABS parts. Our Trunk Sill Plate Protectors for the Model Y is made of premium TPE (thermoplastic) material for the sill and ABS plastics for both thresholds. The material is odorless and eco-friendly. It protects the OEM areas from dust, scratches, and mud, keeps the interior clean, and perfectly matches those areas around the trunk sill.


As a leading supplier in the Tesla accessories market, we had our own mattresses developed. This meets various criteria that make sleeping in the Tesla very pleasant.

  • The mattress is foldable and can be stowed in a bag

  • Perfect for outdoor activities like sleeping, camping, hiking, picnicking,etc.
  • Made of suede fabric, which is very comfortable for you to sleep on or lie on your back, skin-friendly,toxic-free, and non-smelly.
  • Provide tools for inflating and deflating to help you inflate and deflate quickly.

Our products not only meet practical requirements, they are custom-made for Tesla. The mattress offers excellent comfort and makes perfect use of the Tesla’s space.

Mobile Table

Our flexible tables can be used in a variety of everyday situations. During your camping vacation, there's always something that needs to be done again on your laptop or iPad, and with this work desk , it's possible.

The table can also be used for eating and has the advantage of being easy to store.

In Conclusion

The topic of Tesla car camping will continue to grow in the coming years. Being able to travel in an electric car without any problems, spend the night in camping mode and enjoy comfort at the same time is a quality feature for every electric car owner.

As a leading supplier of Tesla accessories, we have been aware of this trend early and firmly believe that we can provide you with the best options at a very good price/performance ratio.

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