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Tesla Model 3 Wheel Cover Selection Guide

Tesla Model 3 Wheel Cover Selection Guide

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Is it tedious to drive a normal Tesla? Do you want to make your Tesla Model 3 outshine others in appearance and performance? Here we go! For the Tesla owners, they would prefer to purchase some accessories to make their Tesla look more dignified and a sense of technology. The Tesla Model 3 wheel cover is being known as popular, stylish exterior accessories for Tesla Model 3. The wheel covers not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance but also the aerodynamic performance.


Understanding of Wheel covers

Yeslak Tesla Model 3 Wheel Covers Hub Caps

To know more about the wheel cover. It’s not just for look. The wheel cover is significant for improving the vehicle’s aerodynamic. It can help the vehicles to reduce the energy consumption and improve a longer range. A well-chosen wheel cover is consist of shapes and functions, air resistance will be minimized instantly with such Model 3 wheel covers. It can also prevent your wheels from the curb rash and cover a already existed curb rash which gonna cost $300 for repairing.


Types of wheel covers

Tesla have pushed out a series of wheel covers, each with its uniqueness. At present, the most top-selling covers in the market are Aero, Sport and custom wheel covers. Every wheel over have its own function and appearances. They can meet the needs for the customer that prefer different functions.


Aero Wheel cover

Performance Wheel Covers For Tesla Model 3 18 Aero Wheels

Aero wheel cover is designed for Tesla Model 3, it is a aesthetics elevating for the Tesla Wheels. Furthermore, the Aero wheel covers also benefits from the aerodynamic to reduce the air resistance to improve the range of the Model 3. That’s a huge effect that the customers were required.


Sport wheel cover

Arachnid-style Hubcaps Wheel Cover Replacement For Tesla Model 3 18'' Aero wheels

This sporty cover is mainly for the customers who would like up make their Tesla 3 looks like sports car. The Sporty cover can enhance performance and look of the vehicle. Its material is durable, can be used in different driving conditions.They can cover your wheel rim fully and are aerodynamically designed to increase battery range for more miles and protect your wheel rims from being rubbed on the curb. 


Custom Wheel Covers

Cyclone-style Hubcaps Wheel Covers For Tesla Model 3 18'' Aero wheels

Custom wheel cover is our own design for those customers who want to personalize his/her own Tesla. The custom wheel covers are made of innovative and hard material. We have cooperated with many reputable automobile parts manufacturers, that’s why our YESLAK wheel covers is one of the top brand in the industry.


Factors to consider when choosing wheel covers

Firstly, You need to consider the compatibility of the wheel covers with your Model 3. Secondly, the climate and the environments that your vehicle will go through. Lastly, the budget is what the customers care about. So they will choose the most valuable wheel cover for their Model 3.


Installation Guides

Yeslak Installtion Video

YESLAK provides detailed steps and tips on how to safely swap wheel covers for Tesla models. Incorrect installation may damage the wheel covers. On YESLAK website, we provide step by step installation instruction video to make sure our customers install the covers properly.


Maintenance and Care

Effective maintenance and cleaning advice to help Tesla owners maintain the fresh look and durability of their wheel covers. We need to be careful while driving on the road, can avoid damage and abrasion. If one of the wheel covers was broken, only need to get a new one for replacement, and it will work perfectly with the remains. Follow the above steps, your wheel covers will keep clean, hard and polish all the time.


Where to buy Tesla Model 3 wheel covers

Purchasing wheel covers can through the official Tesla stores and online shopping. YESLAK is a online marketplace to buy the wheel covers. We are the official Tesla  accessories store for Tesla owners. You can purchase good quality and great performance wheel covers on YESLAK.


Common questions about Tesla Model 3 Wheel Cover

  • Is it easy to install the YESLAK wheel covers?

Yes, we will provide installation instruction and removal tool for our customers. It will help to install/uninstall the covers easily.

  • What wheel covers should I choose for my Tesla Model 3?

We have different styles, performances and sizes for our customers.

  • Do you sell the T logos?

We don’t, but we can send the T caps as gift for free when customers placed an order on YESLAK.


User Experience

We received many comments about the Model 3 wheel covers.

  • It was a big exterior transformation for my Tesla.
  • The YESLAK wheel covers are easy to install/uninstall for me and they are good quality.
  • Given a stylish look and improve the range for my vehicle, also prevent the wheels from curb rash.
  • YESLAK own designed directional wheel covers look so great on my Tesla Model 3, and they also with great customer service.

Here is a testing data video of our wheel covers from a Youtuber.

Testing Tesla Model 3 Wheel Covers


Legal and Safety Considerations

Make sure the cover is compliant with local regulations and your insurance policy. Safety standards is the most important role to use wheel cover. On the market, most of the wheel covers meet the legal considerations of Tesla Model 3.


Future T in Wheel Cover Design     

With the continuous development of technology, more and more new designs continue to emerge, the current hubcap may be just to be more beautiful and increase the endurance, but in the future, the use of stronger, lighter, and sustainable material technology will continue to emerge, will make the performance provided by the hubcap more obvious.



This overview aims to provide information for Tesla owners to select the perfect Tesla wheel covers for their Tesla. Aero, sport and custom wheel covers will present different in appearances and efficiency, which will lead the Tesla owners to make a wise decision.

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