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The BEST Practical Tesla Accessories For Model Y & Model 3 in 2023

The BEST Practical Tesla Accessories For Model Y & Model 3 in 2023

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If you own a new Tesla, chances are you won’t need most of these accessories, but if you don’t, a touch of modern functionality can be crucial for your safety and comfort along the way. This blog will show you some really practical and must-have accessories for your Tesla and what the latest trends are in 2023 Tesla accessories, based on the majority of Tesla owners’ experiences, upgrade your ride and enhance your experience on the road by making it safer, smoother, and much more enjoyable.

Foldaway Invisible Phone Holder Mount for Tesla 3&Y - With the huge display inside your Tesla, you may think a phone mount is a bit unnecessary. But some Tesla owners are likely on the hunt for a great phone mount for their Tesla—whether it’s for driving Uber or just taking care of some calls while driving. Here are the best Tesla phone mounts. This vehicle phone mount for Tesla allows your phone to swivel 360° at an ideal viewing angle for your driving. It is retractable and foldable to preserve the design of the Tesla interior.

Seat Headrest Hook For Tesla Model 3&Y - Keep your car neat and clean with these hanger hooks. The set comes with two hooks, can hold up to 50 lbs per hanger hook. so you can hang multiple items in your car. Simply hanging them helps you hang groceries, school bags, clothes, etc.

Tesla seat hooker

Under Seat Storage Box For Tesla Model Y/X - Tesla Model Y comes spacious storage room, for the under-seat storage capability, it designed to have the storage box that to pull in and out like a drawer, safeguards your items against slipping and scratching, and organizes your items well.

USB Docking Station For Tesla Model 3/Y - The Tesla’s built-in I/O ports can be quite limiting. If you want to make sure your Tesla is properly configured for recordings but still have more than one powered USB port available in your car, you’re going to need a USB hub of some kind.  This upgraded device features two 80cm long retractable cables for Type-C or Apple PD at a 27W fast charging speed. Plus, it also boasts an extra USB port and an extra Type-C port for added convenience. 

Tesla USB hub station

Center Console & Armrest Box Storage Organizer For Tesla Model 3/Y -- This accessory helps keep your car organized by adding extra storage space in the center console of your Model 3 or Model Y. It helps you organize all items in the right place.

Mechanical Switch Covers For Tesla Model Y Rear Door - The mechanical switch cover is designed for emergency situations; the OEM is quite unnoticeable and hard to take off. It is very important to open the door mechanically when your Tesla is powered off and the door lock is inactive. This aftermarket switch cover is designed to pull up easily in an emergency.

Camping Air Mattress for Tesla Model Y - Add extra comfort to your extended car journeys with the camping air mattress, custom-designed for the Tesla Model Y. It is very comfortable to sleep; you can't feel the floor. It has a double valve to prevent air leakage, is the exact size for the Tesla Model Y, and can support 800 lbs. with an electric pump to suck the air into the mattress in 3 minutes, and the same for the output. very suitable for the Model Y in camp mode. It is portable with a case and will be a great option for a road trip.

Tesla Model 3/Y All-Weather Floor Mats - These floor mats are designed to offer maximum protection with vertical walls for the foot-well and with a channel pattern that is easy to clean up from spills, mud, snow, stains, etc. Having a detachable carpet will bring more comfort to your interior.

Pet Liner For Tesla Model 3&Y - Providing maximum comfort for your pet while driving or while relaxing in "Dog Mode" can help your dog reduce anxiety. Designed for the second row of Model 3 and Model Y, it protects your seats against paws, dirt, pet hair, and any accidental slobber.

Tesla Model Y&3 TPE Mud Flaps Screwless - These Mud Flaps protect your Tesla from snow, salt, sand, and small debris with upgraded mud flaps. It is made of TPE material for the flap and PP material for the fixed area with screwless clips, very durable and easy to install.

These are some popular accessories for Tesla vehicles Model Y and 3, they are really practical and protect your car, make your Tesla look better and enhance your ride experiences, but the best accessory for your Tesla will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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