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2024 Tesla New Model 3 Highland Cost Down

2024 Tesla New Model 3 Highland Cost Down

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The new Model 3 Highland is simply a ruthless "cost reduction machine."

Zach Kirkhorn, Tesla’s former chief financial officer, once revealed to the outside world that Tesla has been refining the cost reduction process for Model 3. As of 2022, the production cost of Model 3 single models has been reduced by at least 30%.

  • The new Model 3 will undergo a capacity-climbing stress test on August 25, and Tesla expects to reach a daily output of 1,200 units in early September. According to this calculation, the delivery time of the new Model 3 will start at the end of September.


  • In terms of appearance, the new Model 3 is almost as attractive as that of the Model S, especially the new front lamp design.


  • The new Model 3 will remove all perception radar and will not follow Model Y in using HW 4.0, but will be equipped with HW 3.5 intelligent driving hardware.


  • After a series of cost reduction operations, the price of the new Model 3 is about 27,000 US dollars (equivalent to about 200,000 RMB).

  • Everyone knows that the launch of the new Model 3 is imminent. According to the photos taken by bloggers with drones at the Shanghai factory, a large number of vehicles covered with white cloth have been transported to the parking lot in the factory, and the number of covered models is still increasing. These models covered in white materials are very likely the mass-produced Model 3 Highland.

Interestingly, the timing of the delivery at the end of September is a bit clever. In addition to the new Model 3, Tesla's pure electric truck Cybertruck is also in a state of being about to be ejected. According to Bill, a suspected Tesla internal employee on X, Cybertruck is being shipped by Tesla to different destinations to complete the final test, and there are only a few weeks before the final delivery of Cybertruck.

In the parking lot of the Shanghai Factory, a large number of new cars suspected of being the new Model 3 were covered with white materials, and they could not be clearly identified even from the perspective of a drone.

At the Austin Giga Factory in Texas, Tesla formed an independent information security team to "protect" Cybertruck. Some local netizens broke the news that, in order to deal with long-term leaks of sneak shots, Tesla equipped the Cybertruck for the road test with a Model Y safety car. The Model Y with the words "SECURITY" written on the body will assume the role of surveillance guards and actively drive away internal employees or pedestrians who are suspected of secretly taking pictures.

Speaking of the cost reduction details of the new Model 3, whether the new Model 3 is equipped with HW 3.5 or HW 4.0 is still in doubt.




On the one hand, HW 4.0 hardware has already launched Model Y early this year, which can accumulate enough experience for Tesla on the road and reduce re-adjustment costs; on the other hand, HW 4.0 itself has completed a round of castration,, Tesla has cut off half of the GPU and storage space on the original basis, and the adjusted HW 4.0 will not be able to support the operation of the on-board Steam. As a mobile model of the same level as Model Y, using HW 4.0 is basically reasonable.

In addition, the hardware of HW 3.5 is likely to be improved on the basis of HW 3.0. However, according to channel sources, there are almost no HW 3.0 stock parts in the United States, and the Fremont plant is one of the main factories for mass production of the new Model 3, which will make people confused about the news that the Model 3 uses HW 3.5.


Tesla has recently proposed a new cost reduction target for the new Model 3. On the basis of the original 30% reduction, the new Model 3 will continue to reduce production costs by 14%.

Musk hopes to lead a new round of "price wars" with the new Model 3. Under extreme cost reduction, the appearance of the 190,000 Model 3 has become more and more real.

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