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Customers are raving about Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries, which are already underway.

Customers are raving about Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries, which are already underway.

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The Tesla Model 3 Highland is now being delivered in a number of locations, and customers are ecstatic. The new Model 3 could be Tesla's dark horse in the fourth quarter.

Tesla China began deliveries of the Model 3 Highland in late October, with 2,300 domestic deliveries in the first four days. The redesigned all-electric vehicle is also being delivered in other nations.

The Model 3 Highland has also begun deliveries in other European nations, including Hungary and Austria. The same can be said for Spain and Romania. Needless to say, the new Model 3 is being experienced by an increasing number of people.

The new Tesla Model 3 Highland is Tesla's dark horse this quarter, especially since the Evmaker needs to deliver approximately 476,000 vehicles this quarter to meet its 2023 goal of 1.8 million vehicles. The influx of Model 3 deliveries in China and other markets will undoubtedly aid Tesla's efforts to meet its lofty goal.

Since its release, the Tesla Model 3 Highland has received excellent reviews, while some owners and drivers have stated that the vehicle's new stalkless driving technology can be difficult to use.Needless to say, it will be interesting to watch how much the Model 3 Highland will bring to Tesla's bottom line in the fourth quarter.

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Center Console Wrap for Tesla New Model 3 Highland 2024: Adding these center console wraps to your new Model 3 Highland will give your interior a sleek and aesthetic appeal. The center console wrap is made of premium PVC material with a velvet finish and environmental adhesive. It protects your original console surface from scratches. And it is a great option to decorate your center console to make it look refreshed. It can last for four more years, and when you removed them, there was no glue left behind.

Front License Plate Holder Mount for 2021+ Tesla Model Y/3 (US Version): The license plate holder is custom-designed for Model 3 and Model Y with an anti-theft function comes with a key lock. Made from premium and rust-proof aluminum alloy, no drilling or adhesives required, the plate holder does not squeeze the Tesla plastic grill or paint in the bumper, provide a secure fit and make your Tesla special.

Carbon Fiber Seat Back Cover For Tesla Model 3&Y: Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y front seat back with these carbon fiber cover will give your interior a racing style and enjoy the aesthetics of carbon fiber at the same time! Made of 3K real carbon fiber material, it can effectively protect the original car parts, prevent damage to the original car parts, and will not rust, corrode or peel off. Each piece comes with premium 3M adhesive for an easy and straight-forward installation.

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