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Tesla Vehicles from the 2024.8 Version Can Now Upgrade to FSD V12

Tesla Vehicles from the 2024.8 Version Can Now Upgrade to FSD V12

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Tesla has finally released an update allowing owners of vehicles with the 2024.8.x update to utilize FSD v12.

Yesterday, Tesla rolled out update 2024.14.6, which includes the latest FSD v12.3.6. FSD v12 was also available through update 2024.14.5, but that version seems to have been discontinued.

FSD v12.3.6 is identical to the version available to FSD owners in the 2024.3.25 update.

Upgrading to FSD v12

Previously, FSD v12 was based on branch 2024.3, and since Tesla does not allow vehicles to roll back software versions, FSD v12 was only applicable to vehicles updated to 2024.2 or earlier. This became an issue for vehicles already updated to 2024.8.x (which included FSD v11).

FSD Beta Trial

FSD v12 comes with a one-month free trial, which began distribution last month. However, vehicles on version 2024.8.x were ineligible for FSD v12, and thus, also ineligible for the free trial.

With update 2024.14.6, these vehicles will finally be eligible for FSD v12 and will receive a one-month trial of the software.


The rollout has just begun and, in typical Tesla fashion, it will gradually expand to more and more vehicles. As of now, 2024.14.6 has been released only in the USA, seemingly primarily to allow users access to FSD v12.

Currently, about 1% of Tesla vehicles can use this version.

Vehicles Already Running FSD v12

For vehicles that have already been updated to FSD v12 with the 2024.3.25 update, they are also eligible for this update. This update will not include any improvements to FSD but will incorporate a host of new features from update 2024.14, as well as features skipped in update 2024.8.

These vehicles will gain features from the 2024.8 version, such as one-time charging limits, ultra-wideband phone key support for the new Model S and Model X, and various undocumented changes like updated turn signal icons, new WiFi and Bluetooth menus, and more.


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