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Tesla Cybertruck attracts crowds ahead of first deliveries

Tesla Cybertruck attracts crowds ahead of first deliveries

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The Tesla Cybertruck is drawing crowds at showrooms around the United States as the firm prepares for the all-electric pickup truck's maiden delivery event. People can see the post-apocalyptic pickup for themselves days before Tesla's Cybertruck maiden deliveries event—and put an order if they like what they see. 

Recently, people have begun uploading videos and photos of the Tesla Cybertruck on X. The majority of the photos are of Tesla dealerships in California, such as Santana Row or the Westfield UTC Mall in San Diego. Recent videos, photos, and Cybertruck displays at Tesla shops across the United States hint at the commencement of deliveries on November 30.


More information about the Cybertruck has been made public in the run-up to the delivery event at the end of the month. Last week, a new TikTok video showcased the Tesla Cybertruck's user interface (UI) and tonneau cover functionality. 

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has significantly increased Cybertruck production. Tesla Cybertrucks were sighted on car carriers leaving Giga Texas, the company's Cybertruck plant, a few months ago. Massive batches of Cybertruck castings were discovered earlier this month at Gigafactory Texas, hinting at the electric pickup truck's beginning manufacturing ramp. 

According to Tesla's Head of Invest Relations, invitations to the Tesla Cybertruck delivery event were given out. The invitations were sent to Tesla shareholders who won the shareholder lottery.

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