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Tesla Cybertruck Finally Gets More Off-Road Control Features: Baja Mode, CyberTent, and More

Tesla Cybertruck Finally Gets More Off-Road Control Features: Baja Mode, CyberTent, and More

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Abstract: Tesla's Cybertruck has finally received an over-the-air (OTA) update introducing the Off-Road Mode, granting early owners of this massive electric truck the 4x4-like precision control promised from the outset. Tesla's Cybertruck account posted on X, sharing images of the Off-Road Mode screen, featuring various settings, differential lock options, and disabling rear-wheel steering functionality.


Tesla has released a list of new features set to debut on the Cybertruck.

From the dedicated Baja Mode to differential lock and CyberTent mode, the Cybertruck will be equipped with an array of functionalities aimed at transforming this all-electric pickup into a more robust off-road adventure vehicle.

cybertruck new off road features


The Off-Road Mode features two primary settings: Land Mode, which maintains stability and provides better traction on rocks, gravel, snow, and sand, and Baja Mode, which enhances balance for "more agile handling."

cybertruck new off road features baja mode
cybertruck new off road features cybertent mode


Wes Morrill, the Chief Engineer of the Cybertruck, has also shared additional details about the updates on his X profile. Morrill noted that the update containing the new Cybertruck features is now installed on the first batch of vehicles. This application allows for quick access to the vehicle's vital signs, onboard camera footage, and enables one-touch control of off-road functionalities.

Cybertruck owners can even quickly engage "Wading Mode," raising the truck to tackle deep-water situations—although CEO Elon Musk has long stated that the Model S and Cybertruck can operate momentarily like boats, this falls outside the warranty coverage.

cybertruck new off road features

Here are the new features set to debut on the Cybertruck:

Off-Road Mode

Off-Road Mode - Provides greater stability and overall traction when driving on rocks, gravel, deep snow, or sand.

Baja Mode - Improves vehicle balance and enhances handling when the stability assist system is set to its minimum.

Locking Differential (Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive) | Off-Road Mode

In uneven or slippery terrain, if one wheel has limited or no traction, the Cybertruck can redirect torque to the opposite wheel.

Select the locking differential option in the vehicle status area or Off-Road Mode application under Off-Road Mode.

Front Locking Differential (Cyberbeast Tri-Motor) | Off-Road Mode

Enable the locking differential feature by entering Off-Road Mode > Off-Road. The Cyberbeast tri-motor has a virtual rear locking differential that operates consistently in Off-Road Mode.

Off-Road Assist | Off-Road Mode

Similar to cruise control, but for off-road use. The Off-Road Assist system helps maintain the set cruising speed, allowing you to focus on steering. Both uphill and downhill assist systems help prevent wheel slippage.

Off-Road Mode > Off-Road Assist System

Wet Road Surfaces | Highway Mode

Provides better traction control on snowy, icy, wet, or slippery road surfaces by evenly distributing traction to all tires.

Dynamics > Wet Road Surfaces

Dynamics > Engage Rear Locking Differential for Increased Traction (temporary use only)

Driving and Handling While Loaded | Highway Driving

The adaptive suspension system can now more accurately estimate payload and automatically adjust damping, providing a more comfortable driving experience and more stable, confident handling.

CyberTent Mode

Tesla has also introduced the "CyberTent" mode, which allows for leveling the truck on uneven terrain, running the air conditioning, keeping the roof cover open, and maintaining power outlets on the horizon. This feature is designed to complement Tesla's utilitarian but practical Basecamp tent attachment. Tesla has been selling this $3000 kit to Cybertruck owners for over a month now—prior to this, the software enabling full use of the kit had not yet been released.


Tesla's Cybertruck has long been touted as a vehicle designed to help owners survive in a "Mad Max" style apocalypse, but its prototype seemed to get stuck in places where a Ford F-150 or a Jeep Wrangler wouldn't. In other instances, the Cybertruck appeared to perform less impressively compared to its electric vehicle competitors. However, following the implementation of new application controls, Top Gear conducted a rigorous off-road test of the Cybertruck, and now the outlook seems more promising.

In a recent segment aired on Top Gear, we witnessed some of the new features of the Cybertruck, or at least some of them. As observed by the hosts of the Top Gear program, Tesla's Cybertruck updates indeed transform this all-electric pickup into a capable off-roader, on par with the Rivian R1T.


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