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Tesla Cybertruck spotted in California with tonneau cover, tailgate opening

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in California with tonneau cover, tailgate opening

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Although there have been several sightings of Tesla Cybertrucks in recent months, this new video from a sighting in California over the weekend provides exclusive up-close views of the electric pickup's bed, tailgate, and tonneau cover.

A Cybertruck release candidate was sighted in Monterey on Sunday by Bill from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley. X user omg_Tesla/Rivian later provided a photo and video of the vehicle. The Cybertruck's tonneau cover retracting and its vault bed with the tailgate down are both visible in the video.

The footage also reveals a removable panel that houses a sub-bed storage room, however it isn't seen being removed. In the video, you can also hear the tonneau cover shutting when Bill asks the driver if he can lower the tailgate.

Watch the whole 50-second Cybertruck bed video here.

The truck has the "RC" and "RC Build Engineering Prototype" stickers that are featured on a lot of the Cybertrucks that have been discovered recently, along with a Texas manufacturer license plate.

The development follows Tesla's announcement during the company's most recent Q3 earnings call that it would have a Cybertruck delivery event at Gigafactory Texas on November 30. It also happens after Cybertruck release candidates were frequently spotted driving on public roads in the previous few months, creating anticipation for the first delivery of the much awaited electric pickup.

The Cybertruck has been seen with a variety of unusual modifications, including body wraps and cargo racks that run over the truck bed. The Cybertruck was observed charging at one of Tesla's high-speed V4 Superchargers last week, after it was announced that it would offer 800-volt charging infrastructure.

Despite the numerous sightings, Tesla has yet to reveal official pricing for the Cybertruck, as well as any vehicle specifications.

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