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Tesla Cybertruck UI and interior get closer looks in new photos

Tesla Cybertruck UI and interior get closer looks in new photos

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Tesla will have a delivery event for the Cybertruck later this month, and while specifics about the unique electric pickup are still being divulged, new photographs of the vehicle's user interface and more have surfaced.

On Monday evening, a series of photographs uploaded on Weibo were shared on X, showing off some of the inside aspects of the Cybertruck, including the touchscreen UI, seats, glass roof, frunk, and more.

The Cybertruck has a white trim running across the dashboard and side panel, as shown in one of the images. This trim was most recently observed in pictures of the trucks at Tesla's Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. A few other elements from the picture are also visible, such as a glimpse of the center console and the storage compartment by the driver's side door.

A close-up of the Cybertruck's UI and controls is seen in one image, which features touchscreen buttons for opening and closing the tonneau cover and tailgate as well as altering suspension between Entry, Low, and High settings. The close-up also reveals mirror and steering wheel controls, car wash mode, sentry mode, window and child locks, lights, and other features.

Credit: Weibo (via YYDS on X)

Other photographs in the article show the glass roof of the vehicle from the inside, as well as external shots of the frunk, side mirrors, and the entire Cybertruck as it drives.

The additional photographs, which were shared on Weibo and X, can be seen below.

Previous images of the Cybertruck frunk have sparked debate regarding the size of the storage space, with some claiming it is quite modest. The top image shows the word "Cybertruck" inscribed in Tesla's graffiti-style handwriting font on the frunk, and while it doesn't appear extremely deep, the image makes the space appear fairly wide and at least somewhat tall.

Tesla is expected to begin deliveries of the Cybertruck on November 30 during a delivery event at Giga Texas, at which point the carmaker is expected to release additional unannounced details such as the truck's pricing and official specs.

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