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Tesla displays refreshed Model 3 at 2023 Import Expo in China

Tesla displays refreshed Model 3 at 2023 Import Expo in China

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This weekend marks the sixth year of the International Import Expo in China, and Tesla has its updated Model 3 "Highland" on exhibit in its stand, along with other cars, its Optimus robot, and other items.

Tesla is returning to the multi-industry trade show after participating last year and displaying the Optimus humanoid robot. The event will be held at 333 Songze Avenue in Shanghai, China, around an hour away from Tesla's Gigafactory. This year's larger car show area at Tesla's booth includes the freshly revised Model 3, as well as what seems to be a production-style Model Y body.

On Sunday, photos of Tesla's exhibit surfaced on X, including those from the account Berlinergy, which displayed the display from various perspectives.

Along with the revised Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X, a separate section of Tesla's pavilion displays one of the company's Supercharger stalls, as well as home charging equipment.

In another portion of the booth, Optimus is on show, together with a steering wheel and other elements of the company's technology. The number 10 is emblazoned on the wall of that area to commemorate Tesla's ten years of manufacturing, with the company's developments listed beneath their date of release.

More images from the event by Berlinergy can be found below.

Credit: Berlinergy | X

As shown on the event's official X page, the expo includes companies importing products from a variety of industries, including health and beauty product producer L'Oréal Groupe, medical device company Medtronic, and many more. Since 2021, Tesla has attended the convention, displaying its automobiles and new technological breakthroughs.

Tesla's visit comes only a few weeks after the manufacturer began shipping customers the Shanghai-built Model 3 facelift. The Model 3 rear-wheel-drive edition starts at RMB 259,900 ($35,500), while the improved dual-motor, all-wheel-drive trim starts at RMB 295,900 ($40,400).

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