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Tesla OTA 2024.14.6 Version Release Details

Tesla OTA 2024.14.6 Version Release Details

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FSD(Supervised) v12.3.6

Applicable Models: Model S, X, 3, Y. FSD (Supervised) v12 upgrades the city street driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300,000 lines of explicit C++ code.

Full Self-Driving (Supervised)

Tesla FSD Full Self Driving (Supervised)

Applicable Models: Model S, X, 3, Y.

Under your supervision, the Full Self-Driving (Supervised) system can navigate your Tesla almost anywhere. It will change lanes, choose intersections to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. Both you and any authorized users must remain extra vigilant and maintain focus. This does not enable your vehicle to drive autonomously. Do not become complacent.

Your vehicle is equipped with the Full Self-Driving (Supervised) feature. To use it, pull down on the driving stalk once. You can disable the Full Self-Driving (Supervised) feature in the Autopilot settings.

Parking Assist System Upgrade

Tesla FSD Parking Assist System Upgrade

Applicable Models: New Model S, X; Model 3, Y.

Tesla's Vision Parking Assist now displays a high-fidelity 3D image of the world around your vehicle, including distances and shapes of nearby objects, obstacles, vehicles, and road markings.

You can use the Parking Assist with or without auditory feedback. To toggle the chime on or off, go to Controls > Safety > Parking Assist Chime.

Please note that the Parking Assist is for guidance only and does not replace the need for an alert driver. Stay focused and maneuver as necessary.

Vehicles equipped with Ultrasonic Sensors (USS) and an AMD Processor (MCU 3) now have this feature enhanced.

In Controls > Autopilot, you now have a new option to continue using USS measurements or to use the new high-fidelity Parking Assist without the measurements.

Vehicles with an Intel processor (MCU 2) are currently not able to use this feature.


Visual Updates

Tesla FSD Visual Updates

Applicable Models: Model 3, Y. Available worldwide.

User Interface v12 enhances your visual experience with the following updates:

  • Immersive full-screen vehicle controls when parked

  • Large playback controls in the media player with quick access to "Favorites", "My Favorites", and "Next"

  • Expandable Autopilot visualizations with a smaller map on the top right for route guidance

  • A sleeker, more compact drive mode bar and refined driving metrics


Tesla FSD Voice

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck. Available worldwide.

Enjoy thousands of Audible originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. Continue where you left off, seamlessly switching between your devices and your Tesla.

Scan the QR code to log into your Audible account or try a selection of free audiobooks and podcasts. Requires a premium connectivity feature.

Hands-Free Trunk

Tesla FSD Hands-Free Trunk

Applicable models models: New Model S, X, 3. Available worldwide.

Open your trunk effortlessly, even when your hands are full. Simply stand behind your vehicle with your mobile key unobstructed, and upon hearing a beep, the trunk will automatically open.

To enable this feature, go to Vehicle Settings > Locks > Hands-Free Trunk.

Ensure your mobile settings allow the Tesla app to use Nearby Interactions, or open the app and go to Mobile Key > Update. Maintain a safe distance between people and clothing from the trunk.

Requires iPhone 11+ and Tesla app version 4.31.0+. Future updates will extend this feature to Android users.

Sentry Mode Recording Preview

Tesla FSD Sentry Mode Recording Preview

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck.

When Sentry Mode triggers a vehicle alarm and records an event, you can instantly preview the recorded clip on your mobile device.

Press and hold the notification to watch the video. In vehicle settings, you must turn on Security > Camera.

Requires a USB with sufficient memory inserted in the vehicle, Tesla app version 4.31.5+ on iPhone, and premium connectivity. Preview videos are end-to-end encrypted and are not accessible by Tesla.

Journey Progress Bar

Tesla FSD Journey Progress Bar

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck. Available worldwide.

Below the turn-by-turn list on your navigator, you can now see a progress bar that changes as you approach your destination or next stop.

If online route navigation is enabled, the progress bar will also reflect real-time traffic conditions.

To display real-time traffic and road conditions on your route, you must enable Navigation > Online Route Settings. Requires premium connectivity.

Sync Spotify Playlists and Playback Speed

Tesla FSD Sync Spotify Playlists and Playback Speed

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck. Available worldwide.

You can now sync Spotify playlists and adjust playback speed across vehicles and devices.

Offer Better Routes

Tesla FSD Offer Better Routes

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck. Available worldwide.

Now, if a faster route is available, navigation will display it at the top of the turn list. The navigator will reroute unless you decline the option before it expires.

To adjust the frequency of these suggestions, go to Navigation > Online Routes > Rerouting Options in vehicle settings. Online route must be enabled.

Wiper Controls

Tesla FSD Wiper Controls

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y. Available worldwide.

Scroll Wheel – When you press the wiper button to view wiper controls, you can now adjust the wiper speed by moving the left scroll wheel up or down.

Wiper Button – When you set the wipers to I, II, III, or IIII, press the wiper button to cycle through the speeds.

Additional Updates

Tesla FSD Additional Updates

Applicable models: Model S, X, 3, Y; Cybertruck. Available worldwide.

  • Expand the browser to full screen when parked.

  • Quicker access to Car Wash Mode in Vehicle Settings > Controls.

  • Rear seat passengers can now see current trip details, time, and temperature at the top of the rear touchscreen, except when full-screen entertainment apps are in use (models with a rear screen).

  • You can now swipe to delete Sentry Mode records on the vehicle touchscreen in the Dashboard app, or in Security > Sentry Mode Alerts Preview in the Tesla app version 4.32.0+ (requires MCU 2).

  • Receive a notification on your phone when the vehicle is unlocked or shifts out of park while Valet Mode is active (requires Valet Mode).

  • Arcade includes the latest game updates for Polytopia - Path of the Ocean (requires MCU 2).

  • The rear touchscreen will now turn off when you shift to park and there are no passengers in the back seat, reducing unnecessary energy consumption (models with a rear screen).

  • The electric trunk now detects obstacles better before closing (only in Cybertruck).

  • If you set Lights > Dome Lights to automatic, the dome lights in the Cybertruck will turn on at a lower brightness when you open the door to enter the vehicle. Adjust the lights by tapping them (only in Cybertruck).

Automatic Shifting (Beta Version)

Tesla FSD Automatic Shifting Beta Version

Applicable Models: New Model S, X.  Available worldwide.

The Automatic Shifting (Beta) now allows for shifting between Drive (D) and Reverse (R) based on the surrounding environment, as well as shifting from Park (P).

Vehicle Settings > Pedals and Steering > Automatic Shifting (Beta).

Adaptive High Beams

Tesla FSD Adaptive High Beams

Applicable Models: New Model S, X, 3; Model Y.

The high beams can now adaptively reduce glare to other drivers and cyclists.

By detecting other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights, your high beams can be used more frequently, thus enhancing visibility at night.

To activate the adaptive high beams, go to Vehicle Settings > Lights > Adaptive High Beams.

This feature is available for some redesigned Model S and Model X vehicles, and on the first-generation Model 3 and Model Y equipped with matrix headlights.

Matrix Support Coming to the USA Soon.

Status Bar Icons

Applicable Models: Model S, X, 3, Y. Available worldwide.

The status bar icons have been rearranged while parking to bring the driver profile, WiFi, and Sentry Mode icons closer to the driver, while the time and temperature readings are moved further to the right.

New Automatic Shifting User Interface

Applicable Models: New Model 3. Available worldwide.

The automatic shifting user interface has been updated to be more compact, not occupying the entire left side of the screen.

Now, it leaves space at the top for the gear indicator and does not extend downward, allowing room for a larger media player.

New Media Player

Applicable Models: Model 3, Y. Available worldwide.

The new media player is larger and more user-friendly. By increasing the size of the media player, Tesla can now accommodate previously hidden options such as the equalizer and audio settings, search button, and shuffle and repeat options.

The new media player appears while the vehicle is parked, driving, or in full-screen visualization mode.

The media player can be minimized as before but will now remain in the visualization area as a small bar, preventing it from entering the dock.

Charging Display

Applicable Models: Model S, X, 3, Y. Available worldwide.

When the vehicle is charging, additional information about the charging status will be displayed on the screen.

This includes charging limits, current power, total energy added, number of phases, and the current amperes and voltage.

A new animation appears on the left, and a new power meter will appear here while driving. This vertical line mimics the vertical green light on the Tesla Wall Connector, scrolling up and down as the vehicle charges.

Pause Trunk Opening

Applicable Models: Model 3, Y. Available worldwide.

In the new visualization of the vehicle, after clicking to open the trunk, you can now choose to pause the opening of the trunk, keeping it at its current height.

This can be useful in situations where there is limited headroom while opening the trunk.

You can set the maximum height of the trunk opening at any time, thus limiting the height at which you open the trunk lid in specific locations.

Larger Speedometer

Applicable Models: Model 3, Y. Available worldwide.

The font size of the speedometer has been increased to make it easier to read.

Kinetic Energy Recovery Bar

Applicable Models: Model 3, Y. Available worldwide.

In full-screen mode, the regeneration bar is now vertically placed along the left side of the screen, instead of being horizontally at the top.


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