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Tesla Launches Model Y Air Mattress for Camping

Tesla Launches Model Y Air Mattress for Camping

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Tesla introduced an OEM air mattress on its online store Tuesday night. Designed to fit snugly across the folded rear seats and trunk of the Model Y. The inflatable mattress is priced at $225 USD/$310 CAD. Unfortunately, the product sold out within hours of its release, but you can set up email alerts through the product link to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Currently, the air mattress is only available in North American stores, with no indication of when it will be released internationally. Manuals for all international languages and regions where Tesla cars are sold are available, so it’s possible the air mattress will be available in other regions soon. As with most new products from Tesla, this one sold out within hours.

Credit: Tesla


The Tesla Model Y air mattress measures 74.4 inches x 50.4 inches x 3.12 inches and comes with an air pump that can be used for both inflation and deflation. The mattress is designed to fit into the lower trunk compartment of the Model Y and can precisely fit the rear section of the Model Y when the seats are folded down. It is suitable for both the 5-seat and 7-seat configurations since the seats in the 7-seat Model Y can fold completely flat.

Tesla includes the air mattress, a portable bag, an air pump and adapter, and a pair of repair patches. The air pump plugs into a standard 12V cigarette lighter-style socket. You can find the 12V plug on the left rear side of the vehicle, near the trunk, and above the side rear trunk storage box.

The mattress quickly inflates with the included Air Pump and can be deflated and stowed in the vehicle's rear well.


Credit: Tesla


The mattress itself is a blend of foam and polyester. The foam is high-density and covers the top 3 inches of the mattress. The entire mattress is wrapped in waterproof polyester, which should be perfect for camping.

The included carrying bag appears to be made of durable canvas material and includes a pair of straps for carrying. Its size is just right to fit comfortably into the rear storage space under the trunk, making it easy to pack when planning a trip.

Cost-effective choice

In addition to the Tesla Model Y Air Mattress, you can also check out the following two Yeslak air mattresses specially designed for camping.

YESLAK Portable Self-inflating Suede Fabric Air Mattress for Tesla Model Y & 3 & Model 3 Highland

● Perfect for outdoor activities like sleeping, camping, hiking, picnicking,etc.
● Specially designed for Tesla Model Y, Model 3, and Tesla Model 3 Highland.
● The inflated size of 73" tall, 50" wide, and 2.5" thick
● Comfortable flocked sleeping surface
● Made of suede fabric, skin-friendly,toxic-free, and non-smelly
● Provides better support than the memory foam mattress
● Inflates and deflates rapidly with the included 12V pump
● Folds compactly and can be stored in the front trunk or lower boot compartment in the Model Y, Model 3, Model 3 Highland

Camping Air Mattress for Tesla Model Y


● Perfect for outdoor camping,outdoor picnics outdoor rest home office rest and other scenes
● Specially designed for Tesla Model Y
● Available anytime anywhere 5-minute mobile living room
● Available materials for pregnancy and infant PVC+skin friendly velvet material
● Support 800 lbs, fit to the body high size matching accuracy
● Self provided headrest portable and removable
● Honeycomb matrix column omni directional high elastic support
● Double air valve anti leakage design
● With an electric pump to suck the air into the mattress in 3 minutes

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