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Tesla Model 3 Highland: The Anticipated US Launch and Home Remodeling Incentives

Tesla Model 3 Highland: The Anticipated US Launch and Home Remodeling Incentives

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Tesla is gearing up for an exciting start in the US with its new Model 3 Highland. Official announcements and leaks have suggested that the launch of this highly anticipated model is imminent, with sales expected to commence soon. This new model, which has already seen early sales in Europe, China, Asia, and Australia, is expected to start its journey in the US in early 2024. Notably, the Model 3 Highland has been seen undergoing road testing in the US, hinting at the final stages of its development cycle.


Comparison with Cybertruck & International Launch

tesla cybertruck and model 3 highland

Although many consider the Cybertruck to be Tesla's most significant achievement in 2023, there's another “model 3 highland” that has garnered even more interest. The refreshed Model 3 was launched in Europe and Asia in September and is now eagerly awaited in the US. If rumors prove true, the American Highland will start sales soon, with an official announcement in the coming weeks.

The upgraded Tesla Model 3’s Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) versions were unveiled in late August 2022, but it soon became evident that the vehicle would only be available in territories that are supplied by Gigafactory Shanghai. The United States, which gets its Model 3 sedans from the Fremont Factory, still received the previous generation Model 3. 


Evidence of Fremont Factory Production

Over the past weeks, sightings of fully uncovered Model 3 Highland vehicles have been reported on social media. The vehicles are quite unique, as they feature a Tesla badge written in Chinese characters, making them seem like they were produced at Giga Shanghai. Observations of the Model 3 Highland units’ VINs suggested that the cars were produced in the Fremont Factory, however. Interestingly enough, some of the upgraded Model 3 units were marked as engineering vehicles. 

There's further proof that production at Fremont is well underway. This white prototype has visibly misaligned body panels. The pictures and a video shared on Reddit claim to be from a white Model 3 produced at Fremont, with the VIN decoder showing it's a Model 3 RWD. Based on the VIN, it's a 2024 build, as opposed to the Blue one, which had a 2023 VIN.

In this case, the tailgate doesn't have the Chinese lettering that was present on the other Fremont-made prototype. One thing to note is that the amber reflectors in the headlights seem to be smaller than on previously spotted prototypes. This has been a major talking point in the US since the European version doesn't have them, but US regulations require them. 


Possibility of Early Customer Deliveries in the US

If the vehicles are indeed manufactured in the Fremont Factory, the facility is already producing upgraded Model 3 units that are ready for customer deliveries. If this were indeed the case, it would not be surprising if customer deliveries of the Model 3 Highland in the United States start earlier than expected, perhaps as early as Q1 2024. 


Tesla's Alignment with New Homeowner Law

Via IRA for homeowners to go green and save some cash on their energy bills at the same time

While Tesla prepares for this launch, a new law introduces an exciting opportunity for homeowners. This law is likened to a 'free $8,000 bank account' for home remodeling, offering homeowners a chance to upgrade their living spaces and lower your energy bills. This initiative could coincide with Tesla's efforts to promote sustainable living and technology integration in homes.

Here are instructions on how to take advantage of it:

In 2022, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, aka the IRA, its largest-ever action to fight the overheating of our planet.

Included in the IRA are a ton of tax credits and rebates for homeowners to go green and save some cash on their energy bills at the same time, many of which can be applied for here.

For example, through the IRA, you can get a rebate of up to $1,600 to weatherize your home with improved insulation, which would certainly reduce your monthly energy bill.


The Importance of the Upcoming Months for Tesla

As Tesla readies the Model 3 Highland for its US debut, the company faces stiff competition from BYD, which has shown impressive sales figures and a strong commitment to electric vehicles. Despite this, Tesla's innovative approach and new offerings like the Model 3 Highland keep it at the forefront of the electric vehicle market.

The upcoming months will be crucial for Tesla as it seeks to maintain its lead in the EV sector and expand its market share in the US. The Model 3 Highland's blend of luxury, technology, and performance positions it as a strong contender in the electric vehicle market, promising to offer a new level of refinement and value to US consumers.

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