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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted testing in the U.S. uncovered

Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted testing in the U.S. uncovered

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A Tesla Model 3 "Highland" was photographed testing without any coverings, exposing the front and back bumpers, which is unusual.

The Model 3 Highland has already been released in Asia, Europe, and portions of the Middle East, but it has yet to be delivered to buyers in the United States.

Due to the alterations made to the Model 3 with the Highland iteration, the manufacturer may still be seeking EPA and NHTSA approval for the vehicle, as we are witnessing on-road testing with the vehicle. This is something we've seen with upcoming vehicle releases, such as the Cybertruck.

This Model 3 Highland was observed on California's Highway 280 between San Francisco and San Jose:

The Model 3 Highland pictured here is fitted with manufacturer plates, which means this is Tesla testing the vehicle.

Furthermore, the design appears to be identical to what was released in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Tesla has remained somewhat tight-lipped on when the Model 3 Highland would be available in the United States. Many deadlines for the vehicle's release have been proposed, with the most popular being early 2023. Tesla has offered no indication of when it will be available in the United States.

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