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Tesla Model 3 Performance Offers a Close Look Before Its Official Release

Tesla Model 3 Performance Offers a Close Look Before Its Official Release

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Many people were eagerly anticipating Tesla's announcement of the new Model 3 Performance, commonly referred to as Model 3 Ludicrous due to its new badge, on Saturday, April 20th (4/20). However, the day and the weekend passed without any news from Tesla. Although no official announcement was made, a prototype with manufacturer plates was spotted in an underground garage in California on Sunday, giving us a first close-up look at this new electric sedan before its official debut.

A Tesla aficionado has provided the first thorough look at the highly anticipated Model 3 Performance, formerly known as "Ludicrous." He shared a video demonstration of the car on X. Recorded in a parking garage in Santa Monica, the video highlights the eagerly awaited enhancements and features of the car, displaying its aesthetic and functional improvements.

Detailed Exterior Upgrades

The new Model 3 Performance showcases significant advancements in its exterior design. The vehicle, boasts a newly designed front splitter that sets it apart from its predecessors. Additionally, it features a sleek Ultra Red paint finish and a reimagined rear spoiler. Unlike the flat designs of earlier models, the new spoiler adopts an angular approach with a real carbon fiber finish and novel bumps at each end, aiming to improve the car’s aerodynamics significantly.

Model 3 Performance Redesigned rear splitter and new spoiler

The redesigned 20-inch forged wheels with removable aero inserts not only enhance the car's sleek look but also promise to improve its aerodynamic efficiency. The distinct "Ludicrous" badge, now set against a dark blue background, is prominently displayed, affirming the vehicle's high-performance credentials.

Model 3 Performance 20 inch forged wheels with removable aero inserts


Online rumors have widely suggested that the new Model 3 might be named Ludicrous, primarily because of a new badge on the rear trunk lid (the source code from the configurator suggests they will retain the original name). Although this badge has appeared on a few other test vehicles, this is our first detailed view of it. The back of the vehicle reveals the Ludicrous badge set against a dark blue background, suggesting a subtle yet distinct styling choice that could be best complemented by a blue exterior paint finish.

Model 3 Performance rear trunk lid

Interior Refinements

Inside, the Tesla Model 3 Performance does not disappoint. The cabin features luxurious updates including the all-new Sport Seats and refined carbon fiber trims that enhance the comfort and sporty feel. The video walkthroughs have hinted at these updates without fully disclosing them, respecting the car's unreleased status. However, the glimpses provided have been enough to generate considerable excitement about the high-quality materials and ergonomic design choices.

Anticipation and Speculation

Enthusiasts and potential buyers are buzzing with speculation about the vehicle’s configurations and pricing. The ideal aesthetic configuration, as suggested by Tesla fans, includes a blue exterior paired with white Ludicrous seats, which would highlight the vehicle’s sophisticated and sporty design elements. This combination is expected to enhance the overall visual appeal and emphasize the unique elements of the Model 3 Performance.

The excitement is further fueled by the anticipation of an official release, rumored to be imminent. Although the exact pricing and availability remain unknown, the consensus in the Tesla community is that if the Model 3 Performance is priced similarly to its predecessor, it would represent exceptional value for a sports sedan.

Anticipation for Official Release

The recent detailed HD walkthroughs and up-close views have sparked significant interest and discussion within the Tesla community. These previews suggest that Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in electric vehicle performance and luxury. As discussions and speculations abound, the buzz around Tesla’s latest innovation only grows stronger, setting the stage for what might be a groundbreaking release in the electric vehicle market.

April 20th has come and gone, and it's rumored that Tesla will release the Model 3 Performance on April 23rd. While we wait, you can check out Jeff's demo video below.


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