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Tesla Officially Unveils Model 3 Performance: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Tesla Officially Unveils Model 3 Performance: Here's Everything You Need to Know

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Today, Tesla officially announced the highly anticipated all-wheel drive Performance version of the Model 3, now open for orders at a price of $52,990. Tesla confirmed that this new model not only has a more aggressive appearance than the standard Model 3, but also boasts an acceleration time of 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

This new model was developed based on last year’s updated version of the Model 3. Compared to previous performance versions, Tesla has made numerous upgrades and improvements to this new model. Formerly, the performance versions were usually unlocked software versions of the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor variant, equipped with enhanced brakes and a roof spoiler.

Tesla Model 3 Performance is based on the new Model 3 introduced last year


In terms of pricing, Tesla has confirmed that the pre-incentive price of the new Model 3 Performance is $52,990, excluding taxes and fees. U.S. customers are eligible for a full $7,500 federal tax credit, which, if applicable, reduces the price to an attractive $45,490. This pricing makes the Model 3 Performance competitive in the market, appealing to a broader audience looking for a high-performance electric vehicle.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Pricing


In terms of acceleration performance, Tesla claims that the Model 3 Performance can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, a significant enhancement in speed: the new Model 3 Performance is equipped with Tesla’s latest generation drivetrain, the most powerful system ever fitted to a Model 3, capable of delivering over 500 horsepower and a 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 2.9 seconds. The top speed of this model is 163 mph.

Key specs

Some additional new Model 3 Performance stats:
• Ground clearance: 5.0" (vs 5.4" for Model 3 LR)
• Weight: 4,054 lbs (vs 4,030 lbs for Model 3 LR)
• Length: 185.9" (vs 185.8" for Model 3 LR)
• Overall height: 56.3" (vs 56.7" for Model 3 LR)
• Rear track: 61.8" (vs 62.4" for Model 3 LR)
• Range: 476km/296 miles
• Top Speed: 262kmh/163mph
• 0-100km/h: 3.1s
• 0-60mph: 2.9s
+22% continuous power, +32% peak power, +16% peak torque compared to previous Model 3 Performance
5% reduced drag, 36% lift reduction & 55% improvement in front-to-rear lift balance compared to previous Model 3 Performance.
Forged & staggered 20″ Warp wheels + Pirelli P Zero 4 tires

Features of the Model 3 Performance

Performance Upgrade Included

Every feature of the Model 3 Performance is optimized for peak performance, featuring custom performance design elements and an all-wheel drive system with a Performance Drive Unit. The vehicle is outfitted with sport seats, an adaptive suspension system, and 20-inch forged wheels, boosting both its visual appeal and functional performance.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Unleash performance

Unleashed Performance

The latest high-performance drive units deliver over 500 horsepower, making this the strongest Model 3 to date. This considerable power enables the car to offer thrilling acceleration and enhanced driving dynamics, distinguishing it from its competitors.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Unleash performance


Exclusive to Model 3 Performance, the redesigned front and rear fascias, rear diffuser and carbon fiber spoiler give a unique look, and work together to optimize high-speed stability.

Compared to the standard Model 3, this version features a more aggressive appearance. An interesting aspect of the Model 3 Performance is that it appears to have its own unique headlights. Tesla states that the headlights offer "a distinctive daytime running light design for improved visibility" and "integrated parking sign recognition to enhance road safety." While we're not exactly sure what this entails or how it's implemented, it is evident from the online configurator that the performance version has different headlights compared to the rear-wheel drive and long-range versions.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance headlights

Adaptive Suspension

Like its predecessor, the new version of the Model 3 Performance features larger brake calipers. You need increased braking power to manage 500 horsepower. The brand-new adaptive suspension system uses internal software to provide enhanced body control. This system adjusts the damping in real time to match driving conditions and styles, ensuring comfort without sacrificing performance.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance All New Adaptive Suspension

Track Mode V3

Whether it's starting at a red light or overtaking on the highway, the new Model 3 Performance Edition offers drivers an exhilarating acceleration experience. However, Tesla emphasizes that to fully experience the car's powerful performance, a racetrack is the ideal setting. For this reason, Tesla has introduced a new Track Mode for the vehicle. Here’s how Tesla describes Track Mode: Our new Track Mode recalibrates the adaptive suspension, chassis, and powertrain controls to give you more control while driving. When driving on a track, you can precisely customize the handling balance, stability control, and regenerative braking to suit your preferences.

The latest generation of Track Mode offers a completely integrated tuning of the power system, chassis, and suspension, providing greater freedom. When driving on a track, you can precisely adjust the torque distribution between the front and rear motors, the settings of the digital traction control system, and the parameters of the energy recovery braking system, making the driving experience more personalized.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Track Mode V3

Sport Seats and Interior Comfort

Inside, the new Model 3 Performance differentiates itself from other Model 3 versions by featuring new sport seats, providing a more dynamic driving experience for both the driver and passengers. All-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance Sport Seats

Performance Chassis

The bespoke chassis and suspension hardware are tuned to deliver an intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs, ensuring that the Model 3 Performance behaves as dynamically as it looks.

Tesla also stated, "The brand-new adaptive damping system keeps the new Model 3 Performance glued to the road, allowing you to confidently handle curves at any speed, maximizing both control and comfort."

New Tesla Model 3 Performance - Performance Chassis

Forged Performance Wheels

The wheels are made from lightweight materials and feature a staggered tire width design, with wider rear tires for better cornering response and traction control coming out of turns, while also optimizing range and comfort. These wheels offer a more precise response during turning and enhance aerodynamics, crucial for preserving both efficiency and performance.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance - Wheels

High-Performance Brakes

Larger brake discs, calipers, and high-performance brake pads provide stronger braking force, ensuring consistent braking performance at various speeds. With enhanced pedal feel and improved heat management, the high-performance braking system ensures consistent braking performance at all speeds and across a wider temperature range, crucial for safety and confidence in a high-powered sedan.

New Tesla Model 3 Performance - High-Performance Brakes

Tire Options for Every Season

Tesla provides three different tire options for the Model 3 Performance to guarantee peak performance under any circumstances:

  • All-Season Tires: Versatile across many conditions, these tires offer an optimal mix of traction and comfort.
  • Summer Tires: Perfect for warmer weather, these tires deliver superior performance at higher speeds.
  • Winter Tires: Specifically engineered for optimal grip in temperatures below 40˚F, these tires are advised for use in winter conditions and should be installed prior to the season's initial snowfall.


Additionally, the new vehicle incorporates all the latest features introduced in the redesigned Model 3, such as the rear-view screen and customizable ambient lighting. In terms of range, Tesla claims that the vehicle can travel up to 296 miles (approximately 476 kilometers) on a single charge according to the EPA, which is nearly 50 miles less than the Model 3. The 20-inch forged wheels are a significant factor in this reduced range, but for most people, a 296-mile range is more than sufficient for daily needs. As for charging speed, it can gain up to 142 miles of range within just 15 minutes of charging.

Online, enthusiasts on platform X have been posting their thoughts about this model:

"The new Model 3 Performance has everything I wanted when I bought my first BMW sports car 10 years ago: 0-60 acceleration in just 2 seconds, $20,000 cheaper, and with effective tech systems!"

"The first Model 3/Y truly regarded as a high-performance vehicle."


The Model 3 Performance edition not only incorporates all the incremental improvements made to the Model 3 over the past few years but also enhances overall performance and driving experience through a series of significant upgrades. Other highlights of the Model 3 Performance version include a cleaner interior design, an updated digital dashboard, a brand new rear-view screen, redesigned seats, and an improvement of 0.4 seconds in the 0 to 60 mph acceleration, all of which elevate the vehicle's performance to a new level.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance transcends a mere upgrade; it redefines the electric sport sedan category. Boasting a blend of raw power, enhanced performance, and state-of-the-art technology, it promises to attract both existing Tesla fans and prospective buyers seeking a standout driving experience.


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