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Tesla Model Y Juniper Spotted for the First Time: Expected Release Next Year

Tesla Model Y Juniper Spotted for the First Time: Expected Release Next Year

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Tesla's upcoming facelift of the Model Y, dubbed "Juniper" by the media, has made its first appearance ahead of its official release.

On Sunday, Reddit user JackIJack spotted the revamped Model Y outside the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. This sighting has garnered significant attention from Tesla enthusiasts and automotive industry analysts worldwide.

Details of the Model Y Juniper Spy Shots:

  • Although the front and rear bumpers are covered, the body lines from the A-pillar back remain largely unchanged. The front end appears to have very straight lines, lacking the curved front of the current Model Y, potentially resembling the recently updated Model 3.
  • The image of the steering wheel is very dark and unclear, making it difficult to determine whether this test vehicle, like the updated Model 3, has eliminated the gear and turn signal stalks.
  • The wheels are currently the same as the old Model Y, but they might undergo a design update later.

Expected Release Date of Model Y Juniper

Although this sighting marks the first public appearance of the updated Model Y Juniper, Tesla has repeatedly indicated that there will be no new Model Y version released this year. Despite widespread speculation last year and throughout much of this year that Tesla might introduce a new Model Y version, the company’s recent statements suggest otherwise. We can draw a parallel to the Model 3 refresh: the updated Model 3 was launched in Asia and Europe last fall, followed by a North American release in January this year. Hence, many speculated that Tesla might adopt a similar timeline for the Model Y refresh this year. However, based on the company's latest statements, we might not see the redesigned SUV until early 2025.


Elon Musk has clearly stated that the Model Y Juniper will not be released this year. Instead, the updated version is expected to hit the market in early 2025. This timeline follows the pattern of the Model 3 Highland, which was last seen approximately 6-7 months before its official release. Therefore, while the appearance of the Model Y Juniper is exciting, we still have some time to wait before it is available to the public.

Model Y Market Performance


In 2023, the Model Y became the world's best-selling vehicle, with sales surging 64% compared to 2022, surpassing two Toyota gasoline models to claim the top spot. This achievement not only highlights the Model Y's popularity but also reflects the growing global demand for all-electric vehicles, crossovers, and SUVs.

Model Y "Project Juniper" Update Predictions

Although Tesla has not yet announced the exact timeline for the Model Y "Project Juniper" update, reports suggest that the revamped Model Y is expected to debut in 2025, despite initial expectations for a 2023 release. The update may include enhancements to both the exterior and interior, as well as improvements in performance, efficiency, and range.

Anticipated updates are likely to feature exterior design changes similar to those seen in the Model 3 "Highland," such as new headlights, slimmer taillights, redesigned side mirrors, new wheel designs, and a front bumper available in new colors. The China-made Model Y has already adopted the ambient interior lighting seen in the updated Model 3.


The Model Y "Project Juniper" update is expected to include a redesigned center console with wireless charging, improved armrests, and additional storage space. Additionally, the seats are likely to be updated, potentially incorporating ventilation features. Tesla consistently enhances the performance, efficiency, and range of its models, even without major overhauls. The Model Y "Project Juniper" is expected to deliver better acceleration and extended range, possibly due to front-end improvements and new wheels that reduce aerodynamic drag.


As the official release of the Tesla Model Y Juniper approaches, stay tuned for more updates. The coming months are sure to bring more exciting news and insights about what promises to be another groundbreaking vehicle from Tesla.


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