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Tesla Revamps Referral Program With Chance To Win Model Y Long Range

Tesla Revamps Referral Program With Chance To Win Model Y Long Range

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Tesla recently expanded its referral program prizes to include a Model Y Long Range, giving owners the opportunity to win a free car.

Owners must redeem 1,000 referral credits to enter. Entries will be accepted until January 2024. Tesla notes that select vehicle confiqurations are available for the promotion. According to a Drive Tesla post, Tesla's referral program was overhauled late last year, and owners can now earn credits for encouraging friends and family to purchase Tesla vehicles and items. Credits can be redeemed for a range of prizes, such as clothing, accessories, software upgrades, cash, free supercharging miles, and even the chance to win a new car.

The Model Y Long Range giveaway is not the first time Tesla has awarded a free vehicle through its referral program. Tesla recently held a drawing to give away a Model 3 Performance as well - though the winner has not been announced yet.

Previous free car awards demonstrate that owners do have a real chance of winning one of these coveted prizes by participating in the referral program. With the Model Y expected to be in high demand, owners can increase their odds by redeeming multiple referral credits for sweepstakes entries.

For more information about Tesla's referral program and how to earn entries into drawings like the Model Y sweepstakes, owners can visit the Tesla website. The program provides an exciting way for existing Tesla drivers to benefit from recommending the brand while giving new potential owners the chance to win a free car.

Now check out some of these new arrivals from our shop:

Physical Shortcut Buttons USB Hub Station For Tesla Model 3/Y 2021+: This new physical shortcut button USB hub is custom-designed with 3 shortcut buttons for the 6 most popular quick actions that are most commonly used in Tesla. Besides the shortcut buttons for quick actions, our USB Hub only takes up one Tesla Type-C port and provides an extra 27W Type-C port on the hub station. It is quick, safe, and easy to enhance your Tesla driving experience.

19'' Dynamics Wheel Cover for Tesla Model YUpgrade your Gemini wheels with a set of our dynamics wheel covers, which will give your wheels a completely new look and more dynamics.This wheel cover displays your calipers and rotors to their maximum to give your Tesla a sporty look. It is custom-designed to cover the whole wheel, which is able to protect the rims from curb rash, and it will look slightly larger than the OEM one. made of premium and durable ABS material. It is very easy to install by simply popping them on in seconds.

Neon Ambient Lighting For Tesla Model Y/3:  Soft lighting, streamlined design, romantic atmosphere at night brightened. DIY colors and different mode for selection, which you can customize your own unique color modes to enhance your Tesla interior. App control allows it freely to change the color, brightness, and music mode, and sound control mode allows it to change patterns following your voice as well as car stereo music rhythm.

Yeslak Retractable Sunroof Shade for Tesla Model Y/3: Yeslak's upgraded retractable sunshade is custom-designed for the Tesla Model Y panoramic sunroof and Model 3, with a retractable design it allows you to open and close anytime, block 100% sunlight and UV rays, further reduce heat transmission into the cabin, and consume less AC usage. it will be a great solution for hot summer.

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