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Tesla sends massive shipments of new Model 3 Highland to Europe, installs Michelin and Hankook tires

Tesla sends massive shipments of new Model 3 Highland to Europe, installs Michelin and Hankook tires

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About two months have passed since Tesla debuted the newly designed Model 3 Highland in a few select markets outside of North America. It appears that Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai is producing the new Model 3 in full force.

Massive shipments of Tesla Model 3 Highland have arrived in Europe in the previous week or two. Tesla has unloaded vehicle transport vessels in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and the Spanish port of Barcelona.

In Europe, the new Model 3 with a makeover and an enhanced interior appears to be popular. According to's EV registration data, a total of 2,899 Tesla Model 3s were registered in Europe last month.

On the other hand, with 20,108 units registered last month and 3,568 cars registered in October to date (October 29, 2023), the Tesla Model Y is the most popular electric vehicle in Europe.

So far, significant quantities of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland have been unloaded at several European ports over the last and current week. Tesla fan accounts on X (Twitter) watching these developments on the ground, such as @LucWaterlot, @mortenlund89, and others, have been reporting deliveries to Europe.

The video below shows a ship offloading new Tesla Model 3 Highland EVs from a ship that sailed from Shanghai, China, and is now anchored in Barcelona, Spain.

Tesla Model 3 Highland cars loaded on car carrier trailers for deliveries to Tesla Stores in Europe. Credit: Toni Mustienes Ferrer / Linkedin via @LucWaterlot / X (Twitter).

The quantity of Tesla Model 3s at the Port of Zeebrugge has grown so enormous that Tesla has begun transporting them by rail in Belgium and other European nations. In fact, the first train with Highland Model 3 cars left the Belgian port today.

The 1st train loaded with Tesla Model 3 Highland EVs leaves the Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium for deliveries across the country and Europe. Credit: @LucWaterlot / X (Twitter).

Highland Tesla Model 3 Tires for Europe and the Middle East

Morten was able to capture closer photos of the cars' wheels and tires in previous images of the new Tesla Model 3 mounted on car carrier trailers.

Tesla will ship the new Highland Model 3 with two different tires depending on the wheel size. We already discussed the available wheels in our Tesla Model 3 Highland specifications specs piece.

Tesla is sending Model 3 Highland vehicles with factory-installed Michelin e-Primacy tires with 235/45R18 98V specifications for the 18′′ Photon Wheels.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland's 19-inch Nova wheels are outfitted with Hankook tires measuring 235/40R19 96W. Last year, Tesla began selling Model 3 vehicles with Hankook Kinergy GT tires in the United States and Canada.

The new tires and their characteristics are also mentioned in Tesla's official parts catalog, in case anyone has to re-order them for their vehicles.

A closeup of the 18″ tire and wheel of the new Tesla Model 3 Highland. 18″ wheel installed with Michelin e-Primacy 235/40R18 tire. Credit: @LucWaterlot / Twitter.

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1x Shortcut buttons docking station
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