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What It Looks like Inside A Tesla Gigafactory

What It Looks like Inside A Tesla Gigafactory

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A Kuka robot holds a Tesla Model Y single-piece underbody casting after receiving it from the Giga Casting machine at Gigafactory Berlin (Source: Tesla)
With all the hype surrounding the Tesla Cyber Rodeo, you might’ve missed this amazing 3-minute mini documentary (gigafactory video) that looks like it’s straight from the mind of Elon Musk. Tesla released a really cool clip of Giga Berlin, which shows us some wild drone footage of Germany’s newest automotive factory behemoth.



Drone camera view of the inside of Tesla Giga Berlin’s Model Y manufacturing facility towards the stamping press area. (Source: Tesla)
The video footage is shot with a small drone camera in a single flying session—you’ve got to admire the immense skills of the drone pilot. It all starts outside the factory, where hundreds, if not thousands, of Made in Germany (MIG) Model Y cars are parked and ready to embark on customer deliveries.

The most intriguing shots come when we see the giant stamping presses making the doors and other parts of the car. The IDRA 6,000-ton casting machine can be seen making the Model Y front and rear single-piece underbody Giga Castings.

The drone also gives us a few glimpses of the world’s most advanced paint shop at Giga Berlin. The customers who have received their Giga Berlin-made Model Y have already praised the production and paint quality of the vehicle.


The video ends when the drone comes out of Giga Berlin and shows the immense size and marvel of engineering from a more distant aerial angle. Check out the video below to see the full breadth of what’s inside (and outside) Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany.


Video: Flying Through Giga Berlin (Source: Tesla)
The Austin-based automaker received final approval in Germany to start production at the factory early last month. After meeting all the compliance requirements, Giga Berlin has been busy producing Model Y midsize electric SUVs for a few weeks now.


On March 22nd, Tesla held a grand ceremony at Giga Berlin to hand over the first 30 Model Y Performance cars to lucky owners. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was present at this gala event and handed over the Ys to customers. He also addressed Giga Berlin employees on this occasion and held a live Q&A session with them.


The Model Y production building is one of several buildings that make up Gigafactory Berlin. The 4680 cell production building is a separate facility in Grünheide that has also received final approval — but cell production has not yet begun on that front. 

There will be several more buildings erected at Giga Berlin in the future as the automaker starts building other cars in Germany.
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