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Interior Revealed? Possible Details on Tesla Robotaxi

Interior Revealed? Possible Details on Tesla Robotaxi

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Tesla has released a teaser video for the 2024 shareholder meeting, featuring a glimpse of a newly designed vehicle (likely) rear diffuser and a segment showing designers discussing the interior. These could potentially be details of the upcoming Tesla Robotaxi, aka CyberCab.

Based on a single frame from the video, Tesla's Robotaxi appears to be a two-seater without a steering wheel. The car features a robust, angular rear diffuser design that embodies Tesla's typical design language with its minimalist aesthetic, creating a striking contrast with the body color and conveying a strong sense of technology. Inside, the seating follows a modular design, integrated within a "monocoque" cabin, with a standalone screen at the front. Notably, the central armrest is designed to fold down, featuring a grooved and curved back.

tesla cybercab interior design
tesla cybercab likely rear diffuser

Credit: Tesla

Later in the video, we see an upgraded version of the concept car from Isaacson's biography. In this concept model, we not only see the white seats shown in the earlier renderings but also the traditional seats from the Model Y.

Additionally, on the back wall, there's a sign that reads "NV93 Vehicle Package, Side View," where NV93 is the internal code name for the autonomous robotaxi project.

tesla cybercab two seat configuration


Musk previously revealed an early concept photo of the Tesla Robotaxi in his autobiography. The vehicle was showcased with a prototype of the Autopilot driving assistance system, but it was conceived as a concept from the start with no intentions for mass production. The exposed image reveals a design similar to Tesla's Cybertruck, featuring sharp, dynamic lines. It also boasts a two-door configuration with gull-wing doors, making it quite flashy. The interior is designed with two seats and lacks traditional driving controls like a steering wheel and pedals. Despite its compact size, the trunk can still accommodate two carry-on suitcases, meeting the basic needs of a Robotaxi.

A Robotaxi concept
Franz von Holzhausen with an early "Robotaxi"


Additionally, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced on social media that the Tesla Robotaxi will officially launch on August 8th. The choice of this date is due to the number "8" being considered auspicious in Chinese culture.Musk has also hinted that the Robotaxi will be built on Tesla’s low-cost electric vehicle platform, suggesting it could be an economically priced autonomous taxi aimed at the mass market.

The launch of the Tesla Robotaxi is set to further advance autonomous driving technology and could have a significant impact on the ridesharing and taxi industries.


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