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Tesla Official Releases Multiple Videos of Users Using FSD V12

Tesla Official Releases Multiple Videos of Users Using FSD V12

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This Tuesday, the main Tesla X account shared an article featuring multiple FSD videos from customers across the platform. These videos showcased various edge cases and how the vehicles handled them.

The drivers in the videos were using FSD Supervised v12.3.4 or v12.3.6, and Tesla noted the specific circumstances handled by the semi-autonomous driving system in each video.

The so-called article is essentially a series of seven videos, detailing different edge traffic scenarios and highlighting recent positive interactions customers have had with the neural network-based system. We've embedded each video below. 

Navigating a construction zone & taking into account signs from workers indicating when to proceed


Making a turn in a busy area with a large number of pedestrians crossing the street


Driving like a human would—with good spatial awareness & reaction time


Road etiquette matters


Adjusting to real-life situations that require temporary overriding of traffic rules


Giving adequate space to pedestrians


Although it is not yet fully clear what the status of Tesla's social media and advertising departments is following several rounds of layoffs in recent weeks, the company has continued to share selected advertisements on social media.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Tesla's use of social media platforms, especially the X platform, for advertising purposes became more evident than ever before.

Meanwhile, many shareholders have been urging the company to increase its advertising efforts, particularly to help educate the public about misconceptions regarding electric vehicles.

In recent months, several Tesla executives have also engaged directly with fans and shareholders on social media platforms, though at least a few executives have since left the company.

Ahead of the launch of its Robotaxi in August, Tesla has also been heavily focused on Full Self-Driving (FSD), recently offering a free one-month trial of the software for the first time and introducing a mandatory trial of the system with new car purchases.

The company also seems poised to launch FSD in China and potentially other markets in the coming months, having received preliminary approval in April.

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