Tesla New Model 3 Highland Yoke Style Custom Steering Wheel


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Our Yoke steering wheel was inspired by the Model S Plaid steering wheel, which can make your driving experience extraordinary and give your interior a sporty look.

We redesigned the steering wheel and made it more comfortable for the Model 3 Highland.

It also improves better visibility for your Model 3 Highland and a better appearance of your displays, we re-designed the bottom corner to round shape and provide additional leg space underneath. Our steering wheel is relatively curved, it's more convenient, less like other steering wheels, and the bottom corners are relatively wide, so it is easy to be hit on your knees when turning the steering wheel.

It is quite comfortable to drive through the city or the highway with our Yoke steering wheel, and after a short break-in period, you will get used to it.

Our steering Yoke wheel comes with a heated standard option and is made of real, high-quality leather which is smooth and durable. You can heat the steering by operating on the Tesla screen.

It is worth upgrading to the yoke steering wheel for your Model 3 Highland and is much more enjoyable than a traditional wheel.

After watching our installation instructions video, you'll figure out how your standard steering wheel airbag and switches were technically transferred from the original wheel to our Yoke-style steering wheel.

We will provide the Allen bolt to loose your steering wheel and a torx bit to remove your stock switch so you can insert the switch on your own, and we’ll also provide two Allen wrenches to quickly release your airbag. It only takes you 15 minutes and it is very easy to install this steering wheel.


1x Yoke steering wheel

1x installation tools

Note: It fits the 2024 Model 3 Highland. We only provide the yoke steering wheel, but do not include the air bag or switch panel, You need to install your stock air bag and switch panel with our steering wheel.

This is a custom product; we don't accept returns for non-quality issues.

Install & review video

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Color: Nappa Black

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