Uberturbine Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y 19'' Gemini Wheels


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Color: Black Matte
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The wheel covers are custom designed for Tesla Model Y 19'' Gemini wheels and made of premium PC-ABS material. They are directional to have left & right sides, and they can cover your wheel rims fully and protect your wheel rims from curb rash.

They are aerodynamically designed to increase battery range for more miles, and they are easy to install by simply popping them on in seconds. With different colors to decorate your Model Y wheels, it is a great option to change your original wheel cover and improve the wheel look.

  • 2x performance wheel covers (Right)
  • 2x performance wheel covers (Left)
  • 1 set of foam protection strips 
Tesla Model Y Uberturbine Wheel Covers Installation Tutorial

Note: It is compatible with Model Y 19'' Gemini wheels only. The wheel cover comes without logos. The design of the cover center is flat, and you can buy a 2.22'' (56mm) decal or logo sticker to adhere to our product.

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Frequently Asked Questions in YESLAK. Can't find the answer you are looking for? You can send an e-mail to support@yeslak.com or use the Live Chat.

1. Are these wheel covers compatible with all Tesla Model Y wheels?
No, they are specifically designed for the 19'' Gemini wheels of the Tesla Model Y.
2. How do the wheel covers impact my car's range?
The wheel covers are aerodynamically designed to improve battery range, providing more mileage per charge compared to not using any covers.
3. What materials are the wheel covers made from?
They are made from premium PC-ABS material, ensuring durability and quality.
4. Do the wheel covers come with a logo?
No, the wheel covers come without logos, but you can apply a 2.22'' (56mm) decal or logo sticker to the center.
5. How easy is the installation process?
This model y wheel caps is easy to install with snaps-into-place design. Easily installs in 15 minutes or less from start to finish. It won't fall off or affect your driving experience. Safety is always our top priority.
6. What kind of warranty do these wheel covers have?
YESLAK come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding normal wear and tear and other specific conditions.
Color: Black Matte
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Uberturbine Style Design

Uberturbine Style design for aesthetics and aerodynami. The Tesla Model Y Überturbine Wheel Covers features a symmetrical left-right design that is both sporty and aesthetically pleasing.

Better Than OEM Hubcaps

Well-made, High-quality Material

Made of premium ABS material, this Model Y Uberturbine Wheel Cover is durable and protects your wheels from scuffs and scratches. The matte black&gun grey finish is textured and adds an elegant touch.

yeslak tesla model y hubcap after installation
yeslak tesla model y hubcap before installation

A Great Choice for Many

The Uberturbine Wheel Covers Referring to the design of tesla model Y gemini original wheels can perfectly cover and fit your wheels, quickly change the look of your Model Y provide fully covered for all 4 wheels, extend to the tire and hide past curb rashes and protect wheels from scratches by kerb. Come with soft foam backing to protect the rims scratching by hubcaps when driving on a bumpy road.

Easy Installation

Snaps-into-place design. Without any tools. Attaching the included foam strip around the hubcap will help the hubcap fit better on the wheel, no more "rattling", just one simple click and you're done.

Improve The Efficiency. Increased Range.

The results of the efficiency test indicate that Yeslak's wheel covers are more efficient and consume less energy compared to the OEM wheel covers, increasing the Tesla Model Y's range by 15 miles.

Efficiency Test Video

Lifetime Warranty

Yeslak's products are severely selected and tested with strict quality control. And be free from any defects in manufacturing. Premium material and workmanship make for a lifetime warranty.

Exclusions to this warranty include wear and tear as a result of normal wear and aging, including but not limited to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline or bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, artificial damage, modifications, incorrect installation or use, etc.

We will stand behind our products, and depending on the situation, we may send a replacement to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Awesome look and quality. Make your Long-Range Y look like Performance Y

These look awesome, cover to edge of rims, and secure firmly to the wheel. In fact, takes a lot of effort to remove. New version Uberturbine hubcaps have non removeable flush fitting center caps perfect for the Custom Cut Graphics Gemini wheel Tesla T. With an Ultra red Model Y, I got the red Tesla T. Fit perfect and easy to install on-car. Yeslak should include the graphic 'T'.
Much better look than the silver Gemini hubcaps!

James Loy
Not good, not happy! Warranty means nothing!

I really liked these when I initially got them. They looked great on my 2023 Model Y.

However, now after my second tire rotation in less than a year, the plastic locking tab has broken off on one of the wheel covers. The wheel cover will no longer fit my wheel safely and securely and must be removed.

I contacted the company asking for a warranty replacement. I was provided a link to purchase another wheel cover. I re-contacted the company asking for a warranty replacement and have heard nothing but crickets.

So, the bottom line is TESLAK’s warranty I won’t cover what they call “normal wear and tear”. Not even if you have owned this product for less than a year. Don’t waste your money on these.

If you want black wheel covers, Tesla just started selling them in the Tesla app. They are currently out of stock but should be available again very shortly.

Gun Grey on Tessy

Gun Grey covers.
Look amazing.
Easy to instal
Hard to take off. Use plastic plyer between alu wheel and cover to pinch the clip the pull off

You must upgrade.

I have Model Y 19 inch wheels. After put on my car immediately I can notice upgrade look. Easy to install.

Best looking Gemini wheel covers on the market

Excellent quality construction, more aero then factory covers and best of all best looking wheel covers on the market!

Love the look

Huge fan of the wheel covers. Looks OEM

Well worth it!

Wheel covers were very easy to install and are worth every penny. Made a big difference to the look of my model Y.

Nice wheel covers and easy to install!

It matches Tesla model y perfectly and good looking!


These are so nice! Really wanted the all black look but didn’t wanna spend the extra 2 grand for the upgraded tires from Tesla. Very clean aesthetic and so easy so apply. You just pull off the old Gemini covers and pop these ones on! 10/10 recommend!

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