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How to Install and Remove Tesla Wheel Covers

How to Install and Remove Tesla Wheel Covers

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YESLAK Tesla Wheel Covers serve not only as protective shields for your wheels but also as aesthetic enhancements to your vehicle. Installing and removing these covers may seem daunting and difficult at first, but with the right knowledge and techniques provided from us, it can be a straightforward process. YESLAK come out with this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps of both installation and removal, and provide proper installation, removal tips for the Tesla accessories of troubleshooting and safety considerations.

Understanding Tesla Wheel Covers:

Before delving into the installation and removal procedures, it's essential to let our customers understand the benefits of using YESLAK Tesla wheel covers. These covers are designed to fit on the wheels of Tesla vehicles, providing protection against the curb rash. Furthermore, they can also technically improve the aerodynamic efficiency and the vehicle aesthetic. They come in various designs and materials, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to car owners.

Preparation for Installation and Removal:

When I try to install my wheel covers, I will always worry that I might broke the covers. So a proper preparation is key to successful installation and removal of our Tesla Wheel Covers.

Please check the wheel covers before you install it, make sure the covers are in good conditions and not damaged. The covers should be intact in case some problems emerging while on the road. Removal tools are necessary required for installing and removing the covers. You need to prepare the safety precautions. Wearing gloves and safety glasses, and ensuring that the vehicle is parked on a level surface and that the wheels are securely chocked to prevent any movement during the process.

How to Remove Tesla Wheel Covers:

We provide a step by step guide for removing our Tesla Wheel Covers, it requires a patience and delicacy to avoid causing damage to the covers or the wheels themselves. YESLAK provides a removal tool for customers. Here are some tips for easy removal, start by locating the small notch or groove on the edge of the cover, which serves as a starting point for removal. Insert the wheel cover removal tool or a flat-head screwdriver into the notch and gently pry the cover away from the wheel. We will also provide removal instruction video for our customer in case they don’t know how to do it.

Inspecting the Wheel and Cover:

Before we remove and install the covers, please make sure the clips and the middle rings of the covers are all in good conditions. Otherwise, if we install a defective covers, It will be a potential risk while we driving through the city. Regarding this, once we removed the wheel covers, let’s take the opportunity to inspect both the covers and the wheels to see is there any signs of damage or wear. The covers and wheels have met so many uncertainties on the road. We can also check for the scratches, dents, or cracks on the covers, as well as any abnormalities or issues with the wheel itself. Address any concerns promptly to ensure the integrity and performance of your Tesla Wheel Covers.

How to Install Tesla Wheel Covers:

Regarding the installation, YESLAK also provide multiple covers instructions for customers, Installing Tesla Wheel Covers will be easy like a piece of cake, but it also requires careful alignment and positioning to ensure the covers can proper fit in the right position. Begin by aligning the cover with the middle of the wheel, ensuring that the clips and the center caps on the cover are corresponds with the wheels. Press the cover firmly from all directions, you could even use your feet to kick it harder to make sure the cover perfect fit in the wheels, then you can push the edges into the wheels. The most important thing is you need to hear the sound of the  clips clip on the wheels, this sound is the sign that the covers have perfectly fit on the wheels. After everything is done, you can drive your Tesla with this outstanding wheel covers, and improve the range, and the aerodynamic efficiency of your Tesla.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Even you followed the proper installation and removal procedures from YESLAK or any other Tesla channels, you still may encounter some common issues with Tesla Wheel Covers. Those issues include difficulty for aligning the covers, the covers are too loose or wobbly fit, or stubborn to remove due to the debris buildup. You can email us or ask the Tesla support for advisable and professional tips to avoid these issues. Beside, if some clips on the covers were cracked, or the middle rings broken during the transportation. In such cases, please contact us for help directly and we will provide replacements for your covers.

Maintenance and Care for Tesla Wheel Covers:

We all expect that our covers can be used and with clean finish for a long period. To ensure the longevity and appearance of our Tesla Wheel Covers. A regular maintenance and care is essential, it can extend the longevity of our Tesla wheel covers. Clean the wheel covers regularly, using mild soap and water to wash it, and avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the finish. Inspecting the covers periodically to check if there are any signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Advanced Tips:

For those who are looking forward to enhancing the performance and appearance of their Tesla Wheel Covers further, YESLAK is exploring advanced tips and techniques for our customers. It may include customizing the covers, upgrading to aftermarket covers for adding the durability and styles, or modifying their Tesla wheel covers with high texture. YESLAK is focusing on to meet the needs for the customer. We will upgrade our accessories from time to time. We want to develop a new Tesla wheel covers that can 、automatically fit in the wheels which can reduce the problems of the installation and removal processure.

Safety Considerations:

If anyone is concern that it must be the safety problems. Safety should always be a top priority for our Tesla owners when installing and removing the Tesla Wheel Covers. We need to avoid using excessive force or sharp objects that may cause any damage to our covers or wheels. Take precautions to prevent getting injury, such as wearing gloves and eye protection glasses, and ensure that the vehicle is securely parked before beginning any operations on the wheels. After the installation, please confirm all the wheel covers are all perfectly fit in the wheels, make sure your driving with the covers is safe enough and there would not be any sudden loosening and fall apart problems while you are driving on the road.

FAQs about Tesla Wheel Covers:

We have collected many feedback and comments from our Tesla customers, we will choose the most frequently asked questions and come out with a solution to better assist the future potential customers and the existing customers.

Here are some most frequently asked questions:

  • I have followed your guide but when I remove my covers, the clips still fall apart.

To remove the wheels, it gonna take technique instead of strength, you can easily pull them off by loosing the clips.

  • I keep hearing the rattling sound from the covers, could you help me with that?

There are some uncertain situation will happen on the road, the debris, gravel and branches will hit the covers and they will damaged the covers, you can remove the covers and check if there is any problems inside.

  • Can the covers cover the existing curb rash?

Yes, our Tesla wheel covers can cover the existing curb rash.

  • I don’t have a removal tool, could you send me one?

YESLAK will provide a removal tool for customers to easy install and remove the wheel covers.

  • How to make sure the covers are fully snapped on the wheels.

You can hear the sound of the clips, when the clip snap on the wheel, it will cause a sound that can remind you that the cover is fully snap on.


What we care the most is we can drive safely on the road with the Tesla wheel covers. We are not only want to upgrade the aesthetics appearance of our Tesla, but also the functions and the efficiency of our Tesla. Preparations for installing and removing is what need to master for a long time. Mastering the role key of installing and removing Tesla Wheel Covers is a valuable skill for any Tesla owner. By following the steps outlined in this guide that YESLAK provided and adhering to best practices for maintenance and care, you can ensure that your wheel covers not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also provide reliable protection for years to come. With proper preparation, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety, you can confidently tackle the task of maintaining your Tesla Wheel Covers with ease.


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