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Style: Rotation droite et gauche
Vehicle Model: Model 3
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Dites adieu à l'écran fixe avec notre support pivotant pour écran, conçu sur mesure pour les modèles Tesla 3 et Y. Il peut faire pivoter l'écran de 40 degrés dans plusieurs directions. Le support pivotant est en alliage d'aluminium de haute précision et la base est en matériau ABS de haute qualité. L'angle de vision humanisé améliore la sécurité et le confort, et il est facile à installer par vous-même.

Comprend :

  • 1x kit de montage pivotant pour écran
  • 1x matériel d'installation

REMARQUE : Compatible avec Modèle 3 2017-2023 et modèle Y 2020-2023

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Style: Rotation droite et gauche
Vehicle Model: Model 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
David Woo
solid swivel mount

Overall for the price, this is a pretty damn solid swivel/tilt mount! This is my 2nd swivel mount, my first one was from a different company for my MY that I installed about year ago when it was just only swivel and spent about twice as much as this one. The quality between the 2 is pretty comparable, I think the instructions could be a bit better on this one but thankfully I had done this prior and there are tons of youtube videos that make installation a relative breeze. Just keep in mind that if you take your time with installation, the car may go to sleep and won't wake up the screen after you've got everything re-installed. Don't trip out, just do a quick reset (hold both scroll wheels down until you see tesla symbol on screen) and it'll pop back up. Overall, a great value and good quality mount!

Super Easy Install

What I really like about being able to swivel the screen is that I really don't need to turn my head to see any of the controls. Tapping the screen is super easy, and for passengers the screen is way easier to use since most people are right handed. My wife no longer has to fumble around with her left hand trying to use the screen from the right side of the car.
Even if you don't need a swivel screen for physical reasons, and you just want one for convenience reasons, or because they are just so much nicer, this one definitely does the job.


Super easy to install, and the movement of the screen isn't so loose that the screen falls when you hit bumps, so that's great as well! very sturdy, and I like the different covers for the different model years of the temperature sensor. It went on easily and looks great!


Very easy to install and all tools required were included.

Winston Moy
Not perfect, but pretty good!

Overall the product works well. The amount of resistance tilting the screen is actually nearly perfect. Installation instructions are... Adequate? Like others said, watch a video or two of others doing this (any brand, the steps are largely the same) and you'll have a good idea of what to do yourself going into it.

The biggest gripe I have is the clearance between the plastic housing and the screen mounting fingers, there's not enough room to slide it onto the swivel bar of the mount. And after I forced it on, the housing was slightly deformed under stress.

Sam D
Excellent Product - Must Have for Tesla

This is a must have for Tesla. With the swivel mount there is far less distraction while driving because your eyes don't have to be focused on the screen at such a big angle. The swivel mount brings the screen much closer and at a much better angle for viewing. This is my second Tesla and I am installing this swivel mount immediately. The mount is very well made, not complicated to install, and really makes a difference.

John Sanders
Easy Install- and works flawless

Best thing to do is watch you tube on how to install this. I have a 2021 Model 3 and it was fairly straight forward. However the given instructions and the associated images in those instructions are poor and very small. Otherwise if your a techinical guy that prefers to figure it out with out those cheesy instructions you can have this done in 20 minutes or less. But I will suggest to be very careful with the screen cable as it can easily break and is not repairable. It works very well and glad I found it and purchased it. Solid material and the best party they supply all the tools you need.

Easy to install and super functional!

This was one of those mods that I kept seeing on all the "must have accessories" videos and I was always like, "do I REALLY need that?". Anyway, YES, I DID. I love this thing!!!

Gary Land
Only moves in two dimensions; up and down and left and right (as advertised)

I guess I thought that if it moved in two dimensions, it would move in a 360 pattern. It doesn’t, but after using it for several weeks I don’t think it makes a difference. My mistake anyway, as the product description was correct. It would be a little nicer if it did, but not a big deal. The mount is very sturdy and does not move on its own due to bumps in the road. So, I am very happy with it. It was a little difficult for an old guy like me (84 ) to install but then all of them have the same issue. The problem is getting the SAE (more threads per inch than standard) bolts started in the holes. Just takes a little time and patience, but the results are very good. So I recommend this product!

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