Tesla Model 3 Accessories

In this category you will find suitable Tesla Model 3 accessories. The fact that this was successful is shown by the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars in the world. Discover a world of possibilities to personalize and enhance your Tesla Model 3 with accessories. From protective products to comfort items to aesthetic upgrades, our range of accessories has everything to optimize your driving experience. Dive in and make your Tesla Model 3 an individual expression of your style and needs.

The best aftermarket accessories for Tesla Model 3. Like Tesla center dashboard storage organizer tray, Tesla leather trash bag, front trunk organizer storage box, center console wraps, front door trim covers, carbon fiber mirror covers, and jack pad kit, windshield glass sunshades, dog back seat cover mat, rea well mat , trunk storage bins, mud flaps, roof sunshades, aero wheel cover, rubber cup holder, tempered glass screen protector, armrest hidden storage box, roof rack crossbars, performance foot pedal.

If you have any questions about our accessories for the Model 3 please send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you! You can find more useful comparisons and tips for your Tesla in our guide.

Looking for accessories for the new 2024 Highland Tesla Model 3?
Looking for accessories for the new 2024 Highland Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Accessories: Optimize your driving experience

The Tesla Model 3 has established itself as a vehicle that combines innovation, performance and sustainability. One of the most popular electric cars on the market, it offers impressive range, fast acceleration and a modern design. But what makes the Tesla Model 3 so special? Find all you need to know about Yeslak Tesla Model 3 accessories and enhance your ride with unmatched excellence.

2024 - Tesla Model 3 Highland

The late 2023 version of the Tesla Model 3 Highland represents a significant evolution. With an improved range of 554 km and rapid acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds, this model offers outstanding performance. In addition, both the exterior and interior of the vehicle have been revised to achieve a modern and dynamic appearance. Discover the right accessories for your Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024 now and make your driving experience even more comfortable and safer!

2021-2023 - Tesla Model 3

The 2021 to 2023 Tesla Model 3 models offer a variety of options for car lovers and electric car enthusiasts. With various trim levels, including long-range and performance versions, drivers can choose the model that best suits their needs. Find the perfect accessories for your Tesla Model 3 - 2021-2023 in our shop now and optimize your vehicle according to your personal preferences!

07/2020 - Tesla Model 3

The older models of the Tesla Model 3 manufactured before July 2020 still offer impressive performance and solid features. Precisely because Tesla also provides these vehicles with regular updates, the older Model 3 also have the latest functions (as long as the hardware supports them). So they are still an excellent choice for environmentally conscious drivers who value style and efficiency. Browse our selection of accessories for the Tesla Model 3 - 2020 now and equip your vehicle with the best products to maximize comfort, protection and performance!

Tesla Model 3 accessories: A variety of practical additions

Interior accessories
The interior accessories section includes practical items such as all weather floor mats, seat cover with 360° full coverage design, neon ambient lighting, camera covers for the interior, organizer boxes for all Model 3 years and air mattresses for longer trips. Performance pedal covers made of stainless steel are also available, which not only improve the look but also the driving experience.
Exterior accessories
The exterior accessories include products such as perfoamance wheel covers, performance spoiler and carbon fiber accessories for individual vehicle design. Spoiler, air filters, windshield, front lip and other components also ensure optimal vehicle performance.
Protection and comfort
For protection and comfort, the shop offers privacy shields for the side windows and windshield, sun protection for the glass roof, and all-weather mats for the frunk and trunk. Secret compartment boxes under the armrest create additional storage space and order in the interior.
Various styles of hub caps
Explore a variety of hub cap styles for your Tesla Model 3, designed to match your personal taste and vehicle aesthetics. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist look or a bold, sporty appearance, these hub caps come in multiple finishes including matte and gloss, as well as several color options. Enhance your vehicle’s style and make a statement with these easy-to-install, durable hub caps that offer both protection and a touch of customization.

High-quality accessories for your TESLA Model 3

Dive into our exclusive selection of high-quality accessories for your TESLA Model 3. Each part has been carefully selected to ensure perfect fit and functionality, adding an extra touch of class to your vehicle.

Fast delivery of your TESLA Model 3 accessories

Get your TESLA Model 3 accessories quickly and reliably, regardless of where you are. We provide fast delivery services around the world and have multiple overseas local delivery warehouses.

Excellent ratings (4.8)

With excellent ratings across the board, Tesla owners trust us to enhance their driving experience. Shop with confidence knowing you're choosing a brand that's highly recommended by fellow Tesla enthusiasts.

Opt for Yeslak' Tesla Model 3 Accessories Upgrades for an enhanced experience.

We test the accessories ourselves on our own Model 3 to ensure that they meet our quality standards. Information on the compatibility of our products with the old and new Model 3 can be found in the product descriptions.

If you have any questions or special requests, our dedicated customer service is available to help you. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect accessories for your Tesla Model 3.

1. What types of accessories does Yeslak offer for the Tesla Model 3?

Yeslak offers a variety of accessories for the Tesla Model 3, including wheel covers, carbon fiber upgrades, and products designed to protect and enhance the vehicle. Specific items include storage organizers, accessories for Tesla camping, center console wraps, floor mats, seat upgrades, spoilers, mud flaps, and roof racks. We also provide decorative and functional interior upgrades such as lighting enhancements and dashboard accessories.

2. Are Yeslak's accessories compatible with all versions of the Tesla Model 3?

Yes, Yeslak designs accessories with attention to the various Tesla Model 3 versions. We use advanced 3D scanners for data capture and reverse engineering to ensure compatibility across different model years. Customers should check specific product descriptions or contact us to confirm compatibility with their particular vehicle model​.

3. Can I buy the accessories in a bundle or separately?

Yes, Yeslak allows you to either buy the accessories in a bundle or separately. This flexibility lets you choose exactly what you need for your Tesla Model 3.

4. How do you personalize your Tesla Model 3 for a unique driving experience?

Our selection of top-notch accessories makes a personalized touch for your Tesla Model 3 possible. Elevate your driving experience by exploring our high-quality range, which includes interior upgrades such as carbon fiber accents, premium floor mats, and storage organizers. With these additions, you can create an interior that exudes your personal style while enhancing your overall driving pleasure.

5. How do I install the roof sunshades for my Tesla Model 3?

Yeslak provides a helpful installation video on the product page for the roof sunshades. Additionally, customer support is available 24/7 to assist with installation. If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact us via email or live chat for step-by-step guidance​.

6. What materials are used in Yeslak's Tesla accessories, and are they safe and durable?

Yeslak's products use engineering materials that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and durable. All materials have passed the RoHS certificate to ensure they meet environmental and health standards. This commitment ensures that the accessories are both safe for users and long-lasting.

7. What is Yeslak's return and replacement policy if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

Yeslak offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product, you can return it for a new replacement or a refund. The process for returns is detailed on website, and Yeslak aims to make it as straightforward as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

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