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Really cheap and crappy plastic/rubber. Can't have cost more than $3 to make, charging $39

This is by far the worst Tesla accessory I have come across. I was so looking forward to these being even halfway decent because in the winter I have to stand on the back door sill to access the ski rack. I had made my own cover out of old yoga mat, but it was pretty weak so these seemed like a great idea. I'll sum it up by saying the yoga mat is WAY better. They don't fit well they are cheap and ugly. My only hope is they allow me to return them. Otherwise they are by far the worst money I have spent on my Tesla.

Clips broke on removal

I love the look and I think they protect the rim well. My complaint is that my wheel covers were very hard to remove. The clips broke off on 2 of the wheel covers when removing them to rotate tires. They said I installed them improperly that caused the clips to break and offer me a 2 for 1 deal. I don’t want to buy wheel covers every time I rotate or change my tires so I’m gonna pass on buying anymore. The wheel covers I got last 6200 miles.

The wheel cover is clip-on design that pop into the sopkes, you can pull it out handily on each clips, sometimes it is very hard to remove, it probably because of the tire pressure make the wheel cover very tight, in this case, you can lift the tire a little bit, please ensure to use the jack pad when you lift the tire. Or use a pry to release one or two taps which clips into the spokes, and then the whole wheel cover will be easy to pull out from outside after that.

A good fit

Good fit, no gaps.

Bien mais

Tres bien mais j’aurais pensé que ce serait plus adapté. La il faut bien appuyer sur les boite et ensuite le couvercle. Mais le rendu est tout de même satisfaisant

Perfect fit, show case the original wheel design

I like how this hub cap covers the original rim and protect the edge by covering it completely. I like the look of this hub cap very much.

Best looking Gemini wheel covers on the market

Excellent quality construction, more aero then factory covers and best of all best looking wheel covers on the market!

Finish it

I'm glad I replaced the caps on my M3LR. This really completes the car

Great wheel cover

These will makes your Gemini wheels look like induction wheels!!! And you get the comfort of Gemini wheels. Great buy!

Good fit and good looking

I got the Model X Plaid Turbine style. I like the nice, clean and simple look. Easy install (less than 10 minutes really). Material feels good quality. Embalms is not just flat painted. Feels like fitting well.
Its simple design does show more inside rim than some Uber turbine or cyclone design. So it does show some silver if you look hard (see pictures. It doesn’t bother me; the clean design is what I want.

Love the look

Huge fan of the wheel covers. Looks OEM

Worth the money !

Good quality , took me 5 minutes to install all of them . Looks great

Looks really good!

It looks really good on my Tesla Model Y 2024. Installation is very easy.

New Look

Easy install and love the look. Quality is great!


These are so nice! Really wanted the all black look but didn’t wanna spend the extra 2 grand for the upgraded tires from Tesla. Very clean aesthetic and so easy so apply. You just pull off the old Gemini covers and pop these ones on! 10/10 recommend!

Well worth it!

Wheel covers were very easy to install and are worth every penny. Made a big difference to the look of my model Y.

these look great - as advertised and did not disappoint!

these wheel covers were incredibly easy to install (<10 minutes start to finish) and look great! much sportier than the standard gemini wheel covers and so far they have held up perfectly (about 2 weeks of regular driving)!

Looks Great!

No rattling, very flush secure fit. Padded backing wasn't necessary but I put it on anyway. Transforms the look and style immediately and way cheaper than new wheels.

Amazing Wheel covers for 19 inch wheels

Awesome wheel caps for tesla Mondal Y 2024 model.
Very easy to install on our own.
Made of decent quality which is worth the price we pay.
It completely changes the look and feel of the car.

Much better looking than the factory covers...

Styling wise these are much better than the factory covers too. They have increased my range ( especially compared to the 21" wheels). Honestly they look better in the photos than they do in real life but with all the advantage they provide, I think this was a great buy.

good enough. awesome.

good enough. awesome.

great option for nice black caps that don't have a big twist but still cover the wheel

Overall Quality, appearance and fitment are good. nice snug fit. only slight negative is you can somewhat see the very edge of silver rim when looking straight down at the tire from above or front, but not noticeable 98% of the time. I would guess that any of the options that "cover" the whole rim will have the same issue. Glad to get rid of the ugly two tone stockers.

I am utterly surprised

Holy smokes what a freakin difference it made to the Y! Get it get it!!!!!!!!

My favorite exterior mod/upgrade

Quick install comes with foam tape to line the rim of each cover.

Easy Installation!

I recently purchased the Tesla Model Y 2024 Wheel Covers from YESLAK, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Firstly, I was impressed by how well-packaged the covers were upon arrival, ensuring they arrived in pristine condition. Installation was a breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions provided. Within minutes, my wheels were sporting these sleek covers, instantly enhancing the look of my car. Not only do they provide great protection, but they also add a stylish touch to my Tesla Model Y. Overall, I highly recommend these wheel covers for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle's appearance with ease.

Nice upgrade

Easy to install. Really like the look! I also changed the Tesla Ts to a matching black on the hood, drink and steering wheel. Btw I’m a woman without any car upgrading experience.