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2023 Tesla Model Y Wheel Covers Upgrade, Efficiency and Range Boost!

2023 Tesla Model Y Wheel Covers Upgrade, Efficiency and Range Boost!

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Now you are probably an owner of a Model 3 and Model Y and you don't like the standard wheels. Or just think they aren’t good-looking enough, so before you jump to other wheel upgrade options, Here is another way you can upgrade: wheel covers or hubcaps offer aesthetic and practical benefits to the wheel. They can give your wheels an affordable facelift.

This style of wheel cover is for the Model Y in the picture.

They are snapped on the wheel hub and cover the rim; they just look like actual wheels because they include plastic imitation spokes. And they are slightly large to cover the whole rim, which protects the entire wheel surface. Potential dangers include weather conditions, rust, abrasions, damage from accidents, and curb rash, to name a few.

And repairing a set of curb rash wheels may cost more. Painted wheels can be color matched and sprayed over again, but the fact is that some curb rash and other damage just can’t be buffed out, and it is something that you may well experience again. Or, replacing your wheels with 20"/21" Überturbine wheels or aftermarket wheels is also very costly.


A brand new set of wheel covers can spruce up your old wheels or bring a brand new look to your pride and joy. And another big advantage is that, thanks to its turbine design, the aero wheel cover improves efficiency and boosts range for your trip.

Here is a test video for your reference.

Upgrading your current covers with our wheel covers will make your Model Y more stylish and sleek! The wheel looks completely different from your typical standard wheel cover, and with a cool black matte finish, these accessories will enhance your car’s appearance to new heights.

Engineered to fit right over your original wheel, each cover is made of durable ABS material, high-impact ABS plastic, and is weather-resistant and able to withstand the extreme heat and freezing conditions.

If your factory wheel covers are boring and don’t draw any attention, you can turn to OUR WHEEL COVER!! 


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