Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers

In this category we offer you multiple styles of Model 3 Highland wheel covers that protect your 2024 Tesla Model 3 Highland while enhancing its performance. Here you can find best model 3 highland wheel covers, Uberturbine style/OEM style/Navo style/Cyclone style/Model S Tempest style/Induction style wheel covers and many more.

If you have any questions about our accessories for the Model 3 Highland wheel covers please send us an e-mail or give us a call. We will be happy to advise you! You can find more useful comparisons and tips for your Tesla in our guide.

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What to Know About Our Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers

Discover the marvel of Tesla Model 3 Highland wheel covers on YESLAK. These premium wheel covers have captivated Tesla enthusiasts worldwide, embodying an irresistible blend of style, protection, and functionality. Radiating an impressive OEM aesthetic, they mirror the innovative spirit and sophisticated design synonymous with the Tesla brand. Crafted from high-quality ABS+PC materials, these covers enhance the sporty look and protect against scratches. Revitalize your Tesla wheels by purchasing now.

Why Do You Need Yeslak Wheel Covers?

✅ Protect the original wheel hub, enhance the look and feel of your Tesla.
✅ Reduce wind resistance and improve mileage efficiency.
✅ Flawless Compatibility - Yeslak wheel covers meticulously crafted using a 1:1 open mold from the original size. Enjoy a secure fit, noise-free driving, and no risk of falling off.
✅ Superior Protection: Trust in the high-quality ABS material of the Model 3 Highland wheel covers, providing waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and durable protection for your wheels. An ideal solution for covering curb rash.
✅ OEM Design: Economical way to give a big visual upgrade to your Tesla.
✅ Damage-Free Installation: Enjoy the simplicity of the buckle design, allowing for direct snapping onto the original hub without additional tools.

wide range of choices

Various Styles of Wheel Covers

Uberturbine Wheel Covers: These wheel covers feature an aggressive, high-performance look reminiscent of Tesla's own Uberturbine design.
Navo Style Wheel Covers: Sporting a unique and contemporary pattern, these covers offer a fresh and striking aesthetic.
OEM Style Wheel Covers: These are designed to seamlessly replicate the factory look of Tesla wheels, maintaining a traditional and clean appearance.
Cyclone Style Wheel Covers: With a swirling design, these covers add an element of motion and sophistication to your wheels.
Model S Tempest Wheel Covers: Borrowing from the Model S’s design, these covers give a more upscale and polished look.
Induction Style Wheel Covers: These covers feature a bold, strong design, enhancing the vehicle with a more rugged appeal.

Better Range

Improve Your Vehicle's Efficiency

The results of the efficiency test indicate that Yeslak's wheel covers are more efficient compared to the OEM wheel covers. Tesla OEM wheel covers 3% more efficient vs no wheel covers. Yeslak wheel covers 4% more efficient vs no wheel covers. Perfect replacement for the factory aero wheels covers.

How to Install

1. Clean Wheels: Wipe the wheels with a soft cloth to ensure the wheels are perfect before installation.
2. Inspect Covers: Ensure the wheel covers are in good condition without blemishes.
3. Place Foam Strips: Position foam strips between the wheel and cover to protect the wheel surface and improve fit.
4. Align Covers: Match the valve hole in the cover with the tire’s valve stem to ensure proper alignment and correct installation.
5. Attach Covers: Starting from the top, press the wheel cover onto the wheel, working downwards, ensuring secure attachment.
6. Check Installation: Inspect all covers for secure fit and alignment. Installation is now complete, congratulations!

Customer Experiences

Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers Uberturbine Wheel Cover
Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers OEM Hubcaps
Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers OEM Style Wheel Covers
Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers OEM Style Wheel Covers
Tesla Model 3 Highland Wheel Covers Cyclone Hubcaps For Tesla New Model 3 Highland 18‘’ Wheels
Pit Stop for Praise: Check our Reviews!
Over 5000 5-star reviews.
Happy Customers, Enriched Driving Experiences.
Pit Stop for Praise: Check our Reviews!
Over 5000 5-star reviews.
Happy Customers, Enriched Driving Experiences.
Pit Stop for Praise: Check our Reviews!
Over 5000 5-star reviews.
Happy Customers, Enriched Driving Experiences.

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1. What types of wheel covers are available for the Model 3 Highland?

Yeslak offers various styles such as Uberturbine, OEM, Navo, Cyclone, Model S Tempest, and Induction style wheel covers.

2. What benefits do these wheel covers provide?

The wheel covers are designed to protect the original wheel hub, reduce wind resistance, and enhance the vehicle's mileage efficiency.

3. Are the wheel covers easy to install?

Yes, they feature a buckle design for a direct snap-on installation without the need for additional tools.

4. What materials are used to make these wheel covers?

They are made from high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability, water resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

5. How do I choose the right wheel cover for my Tesla Model 3 Highland?

The wheel covers are crafted using a 1:1 open mold from the original size to ensure a perfect fit for specific wheel types. The Tesla Model 3 Highland can use 18", 19", and 20" wheel diameters, with 19" being the most popular.All 2017–2023 Tesla Model 3s have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern.You can find your hubcap or wheel size bylooking at the side of your tire for a series of nine letters and numbers that starts with the letter "P".The letter "R" followed by two numbers at the end of this series is your hubcap or wheel size.For example, if the number after "R" is 13, then the wheel trim size is 13 inches.

6. What is Yeslak’s return policy on wheel covers?

Yeslak offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing customers the option to return the covers if they are not satisfied. See the return policy page for more details

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